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How to extract benefits from IDSA?

Hello everyone.

I have been following IDSA website from quite some time now but I had a prevalent doubt which was lingering and I felt the need of addresing here.

Mrunal has already shared the rss link of IDSA as in to read and analyse and maybe to an extent make notes out of it as well..

What I cant understand is that there are 10 feeds which come everyday from the comments section which is under the paper and briefs heading and there is always an option of downloading the text into pdf format as in to read later.

I never make notes but just like to read.I have seen some people on this forum sharing IDSA pdf's before and thus wanted to know is it good to just read and think or make notes or just save it as pdf in my pc in order to browse later..??

Currently as a newbie and due to time crunch(due to oncoming prelims) I want some advice as how to reap the best benefits out of this coveted resource without dedicating extra time for it??


  • @abhi8738
    If you make newspaper notes individually in sheets of paper and club them together OR have headings for various topics, then you can try the tip below.

    Just read through these articles quickly.The most important points in IDSA articles,do register in your head.Once you see another news/event related to it,you'd quickly recall the points mentioned in these articles.So do not stress much on note-making.
    Take 1 or at the most 2 points from a comment/article ( do this ONLY if you think you can't remember it or if it's a new idea/concept) and append those points under the respective topic under your newspaper notes. ( like for instance, foreign policy with China, or Economy or Internal Security or say some significant political development or Defense ) Thus, If you read 10 articles, you are likely to add one( or none) line under each topic in your newspaper notes.I find this extremely useful to avoid data redundancy as well as to save time.
    Hope it works for you.

    Pehle vey aap par dhyan nahi denge, Fir aap par hasenge, Fir aapse ladenge, Aur tab aapki jeet hogi.
  • @DonCoreleone what if I dont make notes on paper?? :>
  • ^^ You can use this method no matter how you make newspaper notes provided it's topic-wise and not date-wise.
    Pehle vey aap par dhyan nahi denge, Fir aap par hasenge, Fir aapse ladenge, Aur tab aapki jeet hogi.
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