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[Help] Regarding Backup options

Hello everyone, Now the Mains result are out and so am I. :(
Their are certain concerns which are haunting me
I am working for 3 years in a software firm. But now it is becoming difficult for me to continue with the Job and prepare again.
I am thinking of quitting my job, but god forbids even after quitting my job I am not able to clear U.P.S.C then i should have some backup. But, i am also concerned about certain things with my backup:

1. Go for SSC : My age is 25 year 3 months, some say that age limit of exam will be reduced to 26 years, so i won't be eligible for the exams
2. Go for Bank PO: Same as above query about age issues.
3. I do get back to software industry : but, people say it is difficult to get back to the industry after a year gap.

Please guide me with the options of above backups, and also about the above rumors.

And also what are your backups.
Please help me out, I do need to take decision ASAP. Also please suggest any other backup option.
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  • I dont think age will be an issue for SSC jobs. For most of the posts the limit is 30 years. Infact this year, for some posts which earlier had 26 years as limit, they have increased to 30.

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  • @bhaz
    3 consecutive mains and no interview call!Hard luck mate.
  • @Sourabh16
    Having backup is always recommended but you need to assess the situation you are in. Nobody can do that for you. I left my job in 2012 because it was impossible for me to prepare along with it. So the situation depends on what kind of project you're working upon and which company you're in.

    Second, think and realize what's your primary aim in life. Ask yourself, if you'll be satisfied with this job for life? You'll probably get the answer you're looking for. If you want to achieve something, don't run away from risks but I'd say make sure that the step is absolutely necessary. Once you are sure that you cannot manage job along with the preparation - don't hesitate but if you can there's no reason for you to leave just because other do. Leaving job doesn't make anyone prime contender.

    Finally, joining the job back is no big thing. I am joining back into software (a place I hate and vowed not to return) next week after 2 years gap. If the industry takes back a 5+ experience person, there is absolutely no reason for you to worry at 3 years experience.
  • @Sourabh16

    RBI, SSC, Bank PO, State PSC
    and if you engineering then IES.
  • First of all , this whole age rumour has been blown out of proportions.Even if UPSC decides to reduce age limit it wont be very soon .Just relax .My age is 26 n I left my job this Jan only & the least of my worry list is this age issue .Dont let your mind wander off in such directions .

    I left my job after 3.4 yrs of experience in process industry.My job and the culture plus the environment had made it impossible to study anything.So I took a decision and quit my job.
    Although the decision being the toughest one of my life was quite fulfilling one .Its nice to be in control of your life .If you think that your job is making it impossible to prepare side by side then dont hesitate in quitting. Better do what you can to achieve what you want , rather than spending rest of your life cursing yourself that you could have done more but couldnt because of fear or insecurity or any other stupid reason .

    As someone said that at 20 years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didnt do then by the things you did do .So if you sincerely feel your job is a blockage in your way then go ahead and remove it .

    Like mentioned by some above RBI, SSC, PO etc are other options that you can go for as a backup .
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    Any banker on the forum?i am in dilemma po bank appointment and allotment will be in in couple of weeks.should i join and prepare or quit the idea of preparing with a bank job like people say ?
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  • @rav23cbzx Depends on which bank has hired you. If you have a tough taskmaster like SBI, then it may be difficult to find time.
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  • However, in my experience, I feel that if one can clear Prelims somehow (yes, it is difficult, at least the GS part) then once can clear the Mains exam with 2 months of leave from work (God willing). The new pattern in fact suits those working or engaged in other works apart from full time Civil Services permission.

    @vanquish is a Civil Services aspirant, who has reached the Interview in his first attempt, with a job. He should be able to better guide you here. Can you, @Vanquish ?
    DPS R K Puram | Manipal | Microsoft | PMRDF | Founder, ForumIAS.com
  • Any banker on the forum?i am in dilemma po bank appointment and allotment will be in in couple of weeks.should i join and prepare or quit the idea of preparing with a bank job like people say ?
    I work in SBI as a manager.. I am watching fellow POs here..its very difficult for a new under probation officer o find time for preparation, as in big PSBs ur posting could be done at any corner of the country apart from no fixation of tenure in probation time..the life of a PO is of hardships recently as the banking dynamics have changed to complexities..a friend of mine had asked me the same question in 2011..over some deliberations he dint join SBI PO, now he is appearing for his second interview in a row..its always good to give ur best to the best like civil services..
    Having patience and trust in self is the key..even m thinking of leaving this service for preparation as it offers no room for the same..I firmly believe that without a concrete base one can't succeed in exams like CSE..
  • People in IT/Software - should not be a problem for you in case you have some experience.
    I know one of my friend - He left his job(TCS with 4 years of experience) after two attempts. In next two attempts he appeared for interview but couldn't qualify.

    Now he is again in the job - it took just one month to get into the job again - Hence backup should not be a worry at least for IT/software guys.

    Another jugad in this - In case you are still worried - check in your connection if any of your friends are in
    startup - enroll yourself in his company for full time job(Provided it should be registered(at least proprietary firm).
    Get monthly salary with TDS. Interpret this as a jugad as I can't write much on forum. :)
    At the end of tenure you will not end up with a gap in your carrier.

    Other than this there are different meanings of Job - Money ? social status? satisfaction? and many more.
    I believe one can always go into teaching/tuition after that much expertise in subjects in case not able to land anywhere. Just a thought.

  • I want to ask everyone what's their backup plan if the ceiling falls or if the country is attacked or worst of all if the backup they have kept fails.
    Will you go on creating a backup for a backup?

    CSE is a tough exam and involves a lot of hard work and risk.
    But as they say greater the risk, greater would be the reward.
    So don't fret overtly for trying to have that god forsaken backup and prepare.

    If you are not in extreme financial distress, then forget about having a backup and go whole heartedly for CSE.
    Give tuitions in between for a couple of hours if need be but don't over-emphasise on having a backup.
    Reduce your expenses, Save and Stop indulging.

    I feel not having a backup is a great motivator to work extra hard.

    "Tapasyaa" hai.
    And you can't have a backup if the "tapasyaa" fails.

    You can also subscribe my channel/page "Sleepy Classes" on youtube. All the best :)
  • @shkk though what u say is correct but CSE is a damn tough exam and it needs loads of luck too. So having a thought of back up in mind is not a bad thing as the chances of any one getting through CSE is very very slim.

    Regarding the query of the thread starter, its not a big deal to get back in to IT industry. It may take some time to get into software giants but you can easily get into a small firm and start climbing up the ladder. IT guys needn't worry much.
  • @Sourabh16 , sorry I'm not into any job right now .. But I'd applied for SSC-2114 and willing to write the exam . I've no intention to write Bank Exams , due to paucity of time for prep . @Jaidev92 had explained it , cant be better than that .

    But I know this time (2014 ) I'm going to write my mains for first time , so I told one of my friend to get me a job in teaching field (yup , for coaching CSE candidates) . You too could try , if you are having person to recommend you . Survival is just secondary

    For me age , family pressure , peer pressure is becoming insurmountable its bit different for me . [going to be 30 soon :D ] . So my suggestion , writing exams is no harm , quitting from job is purely personal too .. Try teaching profession instead , currently best option for all CSE candidates ..

    NB :
    Please bear my typos , if any , as my computer monitor started to behave weirdly ..
    2017--> 8th attempt
  • Can anyone give any pointers on part time teaching job at Delhi? I believe only those who have cleared mains once are entertained by the coaching institutes. I haven't. What about content creation jobs?
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  • A CSE candidate can easily clear both the banks and the SSC exams with a two month and that too, staggered preparation. Devote some time to the usual flak that we avoid like the names of the newly appointed managers and the exact amount of wheat producion for the financial year. This is the stuff they fondly spread in the IBPS paper for GK. The reasoning and quant is obvoiusly tough but this year the individual cut-off went drastically low and managable.
    Do not worry about the age as for SSC, they are too tired of their own problems to seek any reforms at this stage. Age for Bank PO, as you might know, they did lower the age but then shelved the move.
    I have 2 years of experience in one of the IT majors and quit my job last year to prepare full time. I too have not made it to the interview. Many times in the past year I have entertained thoughts of reverting back to the IT but some strong feelings of revulsion stalls any further conscious engagement with the self. It is indeed difficult to get back in the IT fold after a year in my case with only 2 years experience. They are still hammering out Visual Basic codes form those starch press books but pretend that there are changes so comprehensive in the last 2 years that whole of the technical architecture has turned turtle and we are an extinct species. So do think twice in my humble opinion about quitting your job.
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  • I dont think age will be an issue for SSC jobs. For most of the posts the limit is 30 years. Infact this year, for some posts which earlier had 26 years as limit, they have increased to 30.

    Hi Bhaz, if possible can you plz let us know what are the posts for which the age limit is 30 Years , because when I see on the ssc site , the max age limit is 27 years and I cannot find the age wise mention of the post.
    http://ssc.nic.in/whats new html/latest_news/Corrigendum CGL 2014.pdf
    SSC CGL 2011,SBI po 12,13;Capf AC 14;RBI grade b 16;CSM 2011-15
  • hello everyone,
    I'm facing the same job vs studies dilemma at the moment. I graduated in 2011 n have no work ex as i decided to start prep immediately after graduation. unfortunately after 2 serious attempts i havent managed to reach the interview stage yet.
    i want to get a job now because a gap of 3 yrs is a long long time. I'm worried i wont get any, though I'm a comp sci grad from one of the iits.
    Does anyone have any suggestions? besides bank po, rbi, ssc etc.
  • @neha03 : If you are a computer science grad from one of the IIT 's then madam you will get job in IT very easily , Unless your fundamentals are down the drain . Try to make a profile on job portals or contact your friends working in industry to forward your resume to their company . MY friends have done the same and are now well placed and earning.
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  • I'm also facing the same job vs studies dilemma. I am B.D.S. working in clinical research field. This was my second mains, but could not clear it. I am also selected as Audior in CAG through SSC in my hometown. I have already utilised my leaves in current organisation and now it is very hard to get any leaves for preparation. Dilema is should I join Auditor or continue current job as this is a good career option. Also I am not aware of the future career prospectus of Auditor(in case i donot get through in UPSC i will have to stick with it). And is it possible to get long leaves in Auditor?
  • @Spellbound really? though I'm applying i feel that the nearly 3 yr big hole in my cv and 0 work ex would be a huge negative. thanks though. :)
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