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PM holds office during pleasure of president | what is "pleasure of president" ?

What do I infer from this ? PM holds office during pleasure of president ? Etc etc..
What's this pleasure all about?
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  • Now pleasures can be many things & not all can be mentioned here ;-)

    On a serious note ,
    The doctrine of pleasure owes its origin to
    common law. The rule in England was that a
    civil servant can hold his office during the
    pleasure of the crown and the service will be
    terminated any time the crown wishes the
    same rule is applied in India. The member of
    Defence services or civil services of the union
    or All-India services hold their office during
    the pleasure of president. Similarly member of
    state services holds the office during the
    pleasure of governor. the provisions related to
    services under union and state is contained
    under part XIV of the Indian constitution.

    Article 310 & 311 deal with this power of president and governors .
    Now this power is not absolute ,there are certain services which are excluded from purview of Article 310 viz ,
    1.Tenure of supreme court judges{Article124}
    2.Tenure of high court judges{Article148(2)}
    3.The chief election commissioner{Article324}
    4.Chairman and member of public- service

    Similarly ,certain restrictions on Article 311 are as well .
    You can read them separately .

    Hope it clears your doubt .
    The fault , dear Brutus, is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings .
  • clears a lot....n what about P M and minister of council holding office in pleasure....I read in laxmikaanth
    First attempt in 2014 - couldn't clear prelims, second to be in 2018
    Optional - medical sciences
  • You can refer Article 311 for that .
    The fault , dear Brutus, is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings .
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    What is parliament ??

    LS + RS + President

    Who appoints PM and Council of Mini ?

    How they ( PM + Council of Mini) can be removed ?
    Passing of No confidence motion

    Who assents/approves No-confidence motion

    When hung parliament is there who is powerful
    President ( uses its discretionary power to appoint PM)

    So President can appoint another PM at times comes according to situation...while if you observe PM and Council mini are at the pleasure of President....the same ( i.e. PM and Council of mini) as an MP will be at the pleasure of Parliament (People) and not the President.

    So here his pleasure means that President being head of the state convinced that parliament has proved the office holders, be it PM, CEC, UPSC etc..are not worthy enough to hold that post.....
  • if the prime minister and his council of ministers loose the confidence of the lok sabha ...then the president can use his pleasure :) to remove them from holding their offices.
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