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Optional Subject Selection

Hello to everyone,
I did my graduation in engineering and am thinking of preparing for UPSC now. Please can anyone let me know if I can pick English Literature as my optional subject for Mains. I think earlier in 2013 there was some rule that only English literature graduates can take this subject as optional. I hear that rule has been dropped now.
Can anyone please confirm that for me?
Thank you so much in advance. :)


  • You can pick it. No restrictions from upsc's side. Can ask @DrKingSchultz sir for more. His optional is english literature.
    संशयात्मा विनश्यति
  • No restrictions.. you can take any
    5th attempt
    Prelims score- 234/116/133/108/?
    Mains score-662/667/782/785
  • Sanskrit ...
  • Tabahi said:

    Sanskrit ...

    Aaj bde Dino baad dikhe h yha aap
    संशयात्मा विनश्यति
  • Select 2 or 3 subjeacts in which you have interest or you want to take. after that Check the syallabus and previous year mains questions of that subject then u can find out your interest which will help u in study. U must findout yr interest.
  • edited June 10
    Koi bhi subject le lo.. GS aur ethics mein toh log Katwaa hi lete apna
  • there was no such rule ever..pick any subject u like

    Many reasons to still remain happy.
  • I would suggest to choose relevant optional, keeping in mind the tentative upsc reforms (baswan committee) !
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