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APFC age limit reduced to 32 from 35 ..is this true ???

480 x 813 - 97K
480 x 365 - 41K
480 x 854 - 94K


  • image.png
    930 x 535 - 373K

  • Notification aa gaya? Ya aayega?
  • Tweet kar ke kuch ho Sanka hai ?
  • Should be further reduced to 28.
  • yr abhi Tak koi official nhi hua hai thoda wait kr lo notification ane tak
  • Should be further reduced to 28.


  • yr abhi Tak koi official nhi hua hai thoda wait kr lo notification ane tak

    official hi hai

  • Notification aane wala hai kya???

  • Where is d link? Notification aa gaya kya?
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  • Epfo main jo last yr select hue wo to mana kar rahe hain ki nahibaayega
  • AGE IS JUST A NUMBER :trollface:
  • edited May 27

    Should be further reduced to 28.

    I can't stop laughing... :joy: :joy:
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  • UPSC has released 2019 calender ,there is nowhere mention APFC exam.
  • It doesn't mention apfc exam as such, just date reserved for other exams
  • Bhai apfc ka aane wala hai kya... Koi news hai ya just hawabazzi
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  • Hawabazi hi hai ...apfc's are in surplus

  • Bhai ,when can we expect Apfc notification.
  • Does anybody applies RTI to UPSC to seek info whether vacencies of APFC has been send to UPSC by EPFO or not
  • This thread is almost dead , why somebody created this.
  • Any reliable info about coming of APFC notification??????
  • Kab tak aa skta hai notification bhai?
    शक्तिः दुर्दम्येच्छाशक्त्याः आगच्छति
  • decaprio said:

    Kab tak aa skta hai notification bhai?

    No one can predict when notification comes, judging by previous year trends it can be end of 2018 or 2019.
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