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Should I quit my job ?

edited November 2013 in Miscellaneous

I am working in a major PSU (Power Generation). But recently due to change of my department I am getting very less time for Civil Services preparation. It is getting more difficult because I am posted in shift duty operation.

I gave my first attempt this year but have not qualified even the prelims(though I was expecting 230-235 marks). I am 2009 pass out and now left with 3 attempts and 3 years.

I am planning to quit my job and shift to delhi for full time preparation. I will appear for both Engineering Services (Missed last year because of very less marks in interview) and Civil Services exam. Though IAS is my dream, I am appearing in Engg. Services just for back up plan.

I also dont have financial constraint as I have saved enough to sustain my preparation and also my elder brother is a software engineer.

Please give your sincere advice.


  • Yes u should quit and prepare full time.All the best.
  • @KKS
    Hello buddy !
    Your current situation is quite similar to mine except i worked for a major player in process industry.
    Like you i was facing the same difficulty of shift duties which was coupled with frequent transfers too as i had 4 transfers in my career spanning 3 yrs.
    After my 4th transfer i decided that enough is enough .I had been thinking of leaving my job earlier too but this time i decides that either like most people i continue to cling on to safety or security of a job or i can go out and syart working towards my dream sincerely and singlemindedly.
    So after much deliberation and discussion with my parents (though they didnt agree till i finally resigned) i quit my job a month back.Now i am in notice period till jan 23rd and after then i am a free bird .
    My brother is a website designer and my both parents are in govt jobs and their retirement is not due for another 3-4 yrs.This factor too alowes me to think swriously about resigning coupled by the fact that i resented my job and had no reason to keep doing it.
    Either you start working for your dreams or you continue working for those who are working towards their own.
    All in all you are already one attempt short .So just go ahead and have the courage to follow your dreams.I know many (or rather everyone)will advise you to not leave a job ,the secirity it offers and threaten you with all kind of threats of an uncertain future but thats a risk you should be willing to take if you want to be successfull and chart your way to glory and your dream.
    All the Best .
    The fault , dear Brutus, is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings .
  • Those who have cleared mains being in job please give your suggestion.
  • @KKS : I don't understand the logic of having a back up plan when you are leaving the job. Preparing IES and IAS together will not be easy task.

  • Hello,
    After spending 4.5 years in IT industry and giving 2 attempts while in job, I finally decided to leave the job 6 months ago and right now I am preparing for 2014 (my last attempt) in a room cut off from rest of the world.
    I am facing the same situation and getting nightmares a lot everyday and try avoiding people's,parent's,relatives advices I am determined to go for IAS for which I think I am made for.
    Just rememebr, don't look back once enter into the arena and make yourself stonehearted.

    guddu bhaiya
  • @bulla I am planning to give 2 hrs daily for IES. As I have cleared the written test last year so only revision and question practice have to be done. Also the written test of IES will be over in June after that I will devote myself only for IAS.
  • @KKS
    Bhai, consider everything before leaving job. Keep in mind your age, stage of preparation, prospectus of marriage, the sector you work in. People only consider financial situation while taking such decisions. But life is much more than that.

    Since you mentioned that you have 3 years left, I assume that you are 27 years old. You work in power sector so I assume that you branch is not CS/IT which provides maximum number of private sector jobs to engineers. Again all PSUs have maximum age limit of around 26 - 29 years. So consider the worst case scenario. If you leave the job now and attempt for 2014 and in 2015 you are unable to find your name in the merit list, then what? You know the success rate in the first attempt. Some people clear it but they don't get IAS/IPS/IRS.

    So am I suggesting you not to pursue your dream? Hell no. But IMHO you should be more creative and determined while studying. PSU hi toh hai mat kar jyada kaam. Anyways Sarkari Naukaris are known for kursi tod traditions. Take study leave for 1-2 years. If not possible then take 1 - 2 months leave before examination. Don't find excuses for not studying. Be determined and study.

    Take inspiration from Tripti Bhatt

    Regarding IES, since you have cracked the written part last year it should not be big deal for you to crack it again in one month this year. Lekin dekh le bhai, do nawo me sawari job ke sath toh mushkil hi hai.

    Again it is your call to take. I have just provided my opinion.
  • @KKS : I was in a maharatna PSU too, resigned this year to prepare full time. People outside think that in PSU there is no work and its sarkari so you can prepare well. This is not the case in reality.
    If you are a boy and have no jack on the top , life even in PSU is torturous. You'll be posted in the most dreadful places where you cannot even get a proper 2G internet connection. (Yes , such places exist and Some PSUs have them in plenty).
    But at the end of the day what matters is , in which PSU you are, what role you are playing, where are you posted and are your seniors supportive? Like take the case of tripti bhatt as mentioned by @bulla . She was in NTPC but was posted at Noida. You yourself know that in HQ of a power generation company the work pressure is not much and nobody can force any work on girls. While boys have to suffer everywhere. Moreover she got weekend off (not like you,who is expected to come to site/project even on sunday/emergency),Resources were not a problem either,you get broadband easily in noida and study material is at an arm's distance. She also attended coaching classes there while being in job.
    Am not underestimating her hard work because then every girl in NTPC noida office should have been able to clear IAS. What I am saying is that she had an advantage amongst the guys who are preparing with job. For her the conditions were a little favourable. Even for you, if you would had been posted to NTPC Noida office then you wouldn't have arrived to such a situation where you think of leaving your job.

    Conditions are seriously tough in Site jobs of PSU for those who want to do anything apart from work. Not many people will understand this except those who have suffered or whose friends have suffered. So my final advice to you would be , leave that damn job and give it your best shot. There is no point in dilly dallying.

    All the best !!!

    @Arpit : wanna say something here??
    कह दो इन हसरतों से कहीं और जा बसें, इतनी जगह कहाँ है दिल-ए-दाग़दार में
    उम्र-ए-दराज़ माँग कर लाये थे चार दिन, दो पढ़ने में कट गये दो रिजल्ट के इन्तज़ार में
  • @roshhan I am also working in NTPC bro. But it is very difficult to prepare being in a shift duty.
  • @roshhan
    I agree totally with you mate !
    Its the conditions that you are in that forces one to take that ultimate decision.Though i was not working in a PSU still i worked for a cement company in shift duties .Like PSUs the cement companies too have locations carefully chosen so as to punish guys like us who want to do something beyond the normal .
    Moreover then location its the seniors also that play a great role .If they are supportive then well and good but if not then preparation becomes really tough.
    The most cruel trend is that you can be called at any time of the day ,even at night sometimes and occassionally on your rest day too.
    So if that is indeed the case with you @KKS then please leave it as soon as possible.Delaying a decision only means your loss and nothing else .
    All the best !!
    The fault , dear Brutus, is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings .
  • @KKS,
    Yaar most of the analysis has already been presented to you tailor made by @roshhan & @luv. You can also compare the issues that they faced while working in public & private sectors. Perhaps all four of us can relate to each other more because the challenges that we face in our work are of similar nature unlike the IT/ITES people who have an entirely different work culture and hence a different set of issues.

    I am not aware of your work profile with NTPC but I think most of the answers would already be there in your mind.

    - Do you have complete and all time access to a computer at work?
    (I have complete access to computer but given the nature of my field job, I can not work on it all the time. I then ventured into mobile-preparation for the cause.)

    - Does your organization allow you to use pendrives or personal mail at work?
    (Most organizations including the PSUs do not allow access to pendrives these days for the fear of virus or data pilferage. I think case of Tripti Bhatt ma'm is one of those, however I have not had the chance to talk to her personally.)

    - Is your work physically tiring in nature?
    (For example, mine is such that at the end of the day even to eat seems a cumbersome job. How much time will you be able to spend with books post the shift?)

    - How ready are your colleagues and boss to bear the brunt of your preparation?
    (My boss asked me to join a test series and even come to him for discussions; he himself was an aspirant once. Of course, whenever I went to him, he was only interested in the status of work.)

    - Does the place of your posting ensure that you have ready access to books, magazines or even basic stationary such as maps?
    (This question becomes quite irrelevant in the face of internet revolution however, UPSC has chosen to conduct the exams in a conventional pen-and-paper manner, as yet. So it is suggested that one may get some actually a lot of writing practice as well.)

    Then there are personal questions:
    - gf hai ya nahin, shadi karni hai ya nahin, karni hai to kab karni hai, agar jaldi karni hai to kya shadi k baad padh paaoge?
    - job chhodna matlab losing a substantial amount of money, kar paoge?
    - facebook par dusron ki pics dekhkar chhati par saanp lotne ki koshish karega... tab kya karoge?

    10 years down the line, in hindsight you may be playing with your children in your govt. quarter and say achha hua job nahin chhodi warna na yahan ka rehta na wahan ka. But then again, 10 years down the line you may be playing with your children in the garden of your govt bungalow and say achhua hua naukri chhod di thhi warna bhale hi sab kuchh hota par kuchh nahin hota.

    Look, each of us have their own priorities, goals and for them their own battles to fight. This forum may help you in meeting people who have gone through similar circumstances but the decision shall have to be your own.
    Sharpen your axe, before cutting down the tree...
  • @roshhan : Even I have heard of this bias against boys in NTPC. Ultimately its @KKS 's call to take the decision.
  • @Arpit : Very well illustrated !

    @KKS : I know NTPC very closely. Now its your turn to decide. Hope I was able to clear a few of your doubts.

    कह दो इन हसरतों से कहीं और जा बसें, इतनी जगह कहाँ है दिल-ए-दाग़दार में
    उम्र-ए-दराज़ माँग कर लाये थे चार दिन, दो पढ़ने में कट गये दो रिजल्ट के इन्तज़ार में
    edited December 2013
    Friends,Thanks for your suggestions. It is really a great help.

    In NTPC you can take extra ordinary leave for max 90 days. After 90 days matter will reach to HR and it will depend on their discretion.
    so I have two options now.

    Option - 1
    Just abscond i.e. take extra ordinary leave for 3 month frequently.
    I will still have my job.
    Cons- I will have to come before 90 days each time and then have to undergo the joining formalities which will take 15-20 days . My study will suffer. Also it will affect my promotion in future. Also my reputation will also be affected.

    Option 2
    Resign and prepare fulltime.
    More time. Fully focused preparation.
    More pressure as no back up option.

    So I have decided that I will abscond and simultaneously will prepare for ES for back up. Because the written test of ES will be over in June and I will get a fair idea whether I am going to qualify or not. After June I can fully devote myself to IAS.

    Please give your suggestion.
  • @KKS
    As you yourself stated in your post that you can get a leave of 90 days so if you can manage then dont leave your job but i still reckon that you should prepare full time as you have cleared ES last year which implies you have it in you so why not give it a shot than blaming lack of time later on .At some point in your preparation you will feel that paucity of time .
    Anyways ,I wish you all the best n sincerely hope for your success .
    Decision is always going to be your own .
    The fault , dear Brutus, is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings .
  • @KKS : Bhai, what is the level of your prep now? Is static part complete? Then I guess no need to leave job. You can focus on current part and carry on your studies.

    Read this article -
    edited December 2013
    I have yet to finish Sociology....also culture,Contemp history, sc tech etc are untouched. Here I am not gettimg time even to read newspaper.
  • @KKS
    Then its clear as to what you should do if you are not even getting time to read daily newspaper .
    The fault , dear Brutus, is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings .
  • @KKS did u clear prelims ever? if yes than take ias seriously since you already have experience of writing mains , if no than dont leave your job and first clear prelims and than take 90 days leave give mains , see urself/ judge yourself and than decide. most of graduates in india have deep desire to become ias as in you but do not take it as a criteria to leave your job. first prepare yourself write mains after it you will be in a position to leave job or your boss etc. may grant you study leave for long period it happens but depend on your bargain and tactics.
    and i will suggest to take atleast 1-2 months leave before prelims as it is the toughest hurdle in my view.
    best of luck
  • As everyone is sharing their thoughts and stories, I thought I might share my story too and get second opinions - I am a 2009 graduate will be 27 in Jan, did my masters in US, am currently working in US and earn generous salary. This mains was my first attempt, could not do well this time. Not sure what to do next, move back to India or to stay here and try again. Leaving US would mean loss of money, a better quality of life etc. etc. Staying here and preparing is not easy - Biggest concern is getting vacations for travel and exam (since I am already in debt, I am quite not sure how will I get any more vacations plus it will require lying about why I need vacations), then there is no one to guide you etc. etc. Phir ladki ka masla bhi hai, idhar reh ke nahin ho payega wo :)

    Also, a lot of people ask me why I want to do Civil Services - I guess doing something for your country, making a positive impact in life of others, and living a life beyond your own family and your own selfish concerns is a common theme that inspires all the aspirants. Besides that I have also been feeling some kind of Marxian alienation (sociology guys might understand better :) ) in this job.

    I am super confident of getting a job in India if I flunk this exam, but again I am just too confused to take a decision. Hoping things work out for me and everyone else here. Cheers!!!
    All generalizations are false including this one
    Fascinating Universe -
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