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One-Stop Government Bashing Thread

edited February 12 in Miscellaneous
Please, gather here and bash NDA Government. Government bashing is being scattered to different threads and we find it very difficult to go and peruse on different threads and We are not getting the comprehensive picture of inefficiencies of the
NDA government . Moreover, even serious threads are getting cluttered with political debate. So, this thread can serve the purpose of getting holistic view of all government inefficiencies. Happy Bashing.


  • Means one more thread :mrgreen:
    ये वक़्त ना ठहरा है, ये वक़्त ना ठहरेगा |
    यूही गुज़र जाएगा घबराना कैसा |
    हिम्मत से काम लेंगे, घबराना कैसा |
  • Bash only with proofs.
    Send the link to congress IT cell. :wink:
  • Means one more thread :mrgreen:

    hahaha. good one
  • edited February 12

    Means one more thread :mrgreen:

    haan chachaji and I hope this to be last and hope people will do all government bashing only on this thread till 2019 elections.
  • I bet pakoda man pakka avi kahi photo shoot karwa raha hoga yar koi proof daal do.......
  • And then...everyone here is giving Exam to become part of the "Government".
  • Bashing and One Stop sounds oxymoron.

    Bashing cannot be restricted to one thread.

  • TetleyTea said:

    And then...everyone here is giving Exam to become part of the "Government".

    Not government to guide government
  • Being N 1 said:

    TetleyTea said:

    And then...everyone here is giving Exam to become part of the "Government".

    Not government to guide government
    Those who won't bash, might ultimately become part of government aswell. :wink:
  • नोक नोक कैसे हो बच्चों ;)
    You better be careful kid
  • नोक नोक कैसे हो बच्चों ;)

    aya nahi BC tu khane pakoda parliament ke bhar stall lagaya mein, awaz bhi di tujhe par tu suna hi nahi
  • Modiji ko bash pasand hain :open_mouth: :neutral:
  • F5F5
    edited February 12
    biggest issue is that aspirants of 1 exam dont care for the aspirants of other exams. when Mah. psc reduced the number of seats from 350 to 68, other guys didnt bother about it.
    Until and unless all the state psc aspirants, ssc aspirants and upsc aspirants unite and speak from a joint platform, nothing much is going to happen.
    thanks to the pakoda comment of pradhan sevak, atleast now there is a common consciousness that every deptt of the country is releasing less and less vacancies yr by yr.
  • Indian society is perhaps risk avoiding society.there are several examples to prove it.Farmers grow crops which saw huge demand and inflation last time,middle class wants to book iit/neet seats for their wards b4 kg schools.We have stagnant manufacturing sector ,youth carves for job security through government jobs and many more
    Inc was in tune with this very idea of India.Mgnrega to bumper vacancy in banks and others resonated that mood.

    Modiji is challenging that idea.But he cant change the sync just by reducing vacancies in various government sectors particularly when private sector too is looming. :neutral: :smile:
  • jhakaaasss..

    :smiley: :mrgreen:
    prelims 3 ...mains 2+3rd 2017...interview 1(no rank)
    cutoff----kejriwal's range(-+3)
  • Try to change the mind of atleast 8-10 people in your surroundings (not forum) and persuade them to not vote for bjp :)

    Everyone 8-10 people...and pass this message of changing mind to all of them :)

    Do your bit
  • Modi chai ke sath Pakoda v baichega 2019 me
  • Indian Pakoda Service wala hai ye... Pakoda bech lenge lekin imaan nahi :trollface:
    960 x 1280 - 163K
    "थककर बैठ गये क्या भाई! मंजिल दूर नहीं है। "
  • 1. I'm nauseated.

    2. I write with great ferity. And I get super irritated at the slightest wobble of desk.
  • Being N 1 said:

    I bet pakoda man pakka avi kahi photo shoot karwa raha hoga yar koi proof daal do.......

    800 x 763 - 132K
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