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Urgent pls--US immigration bill and its implications on Indians

edited November 2013 in Current Affairs
pls explain the bill n effects on indians!


  • edited November 2013
    • The proposed US legislation on immigration is mainly aimed at
    ® Improving living standards of illegal immigrants in US
    ® and also boost the American economy
    • This is the second major immigration law in 27 years
    • India's concerns is mainly related to provisions related to H-1 B and L-1 visas
    • More than a million skilled employees from India may have come to the US for work through these two visa categories since 2000
    • If the law is passed
    ® their visa fees will go up
    ® places a number of restrictions on companies
    ® visa cap limit will be increased from the current 85,000 to 195,000
    ® margins will be affected as costs increase due to the spike in visa cost as well as increased local hiring
    ® Restriction on placing employees on H1B and L1 visas at client sites will also hamper smooth operations.

    Arguments against H1B, L1 visas
    • Many opposed H-1 B on the grounds that companies have abused the visas
    ® Many indian companies in US continue to bring employees from india rather than recruiting locals
    Argument in favour
    • H-1 B has been the staple for US tech giants to hire the best talents from around the world
    • Indian companies practice of bringing employees from India to the United States provides them the continuity and institutional knowledge required to serve their clients


    • India so far has been the largest beneficiary of these visas ever since its introduction in 1990s
    • As the cap limit increases, it is safe to assume that Indians will continue to be the single largest beneficiaries of these visas

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  • @bhaz thank you very much!!
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