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MGP Batch C: (Starts 25th January, Ends 17th September)       PLAN DOCUMENT        PAYMENT LINK 
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Public Administration-2018 ForumIAS answer writing and Review

Students of public ad Optional can post answers on every alternate day Monday, Wednesday, Friday till 9 PM in evening and others will review your answers after 9.pm
Sample senario: (A answer is posted on Monday , others will check and review it till Tuesday and no review of any answer(pdfs) will be posted on Wednesday ,when only new answers will be posted till 9 p.m again)
i propose this to make this process more structured
Rules for Posting answers
1. Only PDFs are to be uploaded and atmost 3 answers in it and one person can post only one pdf in one cyle (i.e Monday-Tuesday)
2. Use Cam scanner or Google drive (preferred) to scan the pages to PDF
3. While posting answers one must list one word tags for each question ( eg if answer is abour CPM , just write Q1- CPM ) , this will help others to read only topics they want to
Rules for reviewing
1. The review must start with marks out of 10 (on lines of UPSC checking) (ie7.5-8 will be among highest)
2.Review answer(s) in point wise method (if more than one answer is posted )

side notes :
If possible we could compile the answers (of most probable questions to be asked in UPSC)as Insights team does at end of each week /month with best model answers

We could host a Test marathon posted on saturday , whose answers should be given till sunday evening (no review could be possible)
no Bakkar in this thread ( i am in , side comments etc type comments)

google drive links , disqus links can also be posted , but its HIGHLY recoomended to upload files here as shifting platforms is cumbersome and reduces efficiancy

@mango_dolly @IWRA @Indian_Raider_ @NWS please look into this @ForumIAS @Neyawn
it would be beneficial if mods could make it announcement (for like 3 days-week) so that all could see this thread and contribute accordingly
all logistics and other discussion can be continued at http://discuss.forumias.com/discussion/29078/logistics-discussion-of-pa-2018-thread?new=1


  • Just a Suggestion !

    We can go on a 10 days or a Week schedule.

    Like first 10 days... on Ques on Chapter 1 and so on.

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