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Current Affairs 2019
We are commencing with the second batch of Current Affairs + Answer Writing from 16th September. Attend the first class free on Sunday, 16th September at 11AM, New Delhi. Click here to know more and register. Click here for details.
MITRA'S IAS - Fresh New batches of PHILOSOPHY from: 27th SEPT(Evening) - 5pm
& 9th OCT (Morning) – 11 am

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Mail us at :- mitrasiasclasses@gmail.com
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Flavido sosin mam classes, november 30

Keepin the possibility of optional removal aside, should I join sosin mam's classes , when all tht the institute provides is recorded lectures of july batch , 2017.


  • Im joining the offline classes starting from nov 30. Videos you are going to receive are the recorded classes of Nov 30 batch, that I believe.
  • edited November 2017
    October 18 was also supposed to be online+offline.
    Hvnt got good reviews about Oct 18 batch.
    Though, Mam's teaching is good.
  • yr optional 2018 tk rhna ka chance hai Jo changes hoge wuh 2019 or after hoge bcoz election or vote bank ka game hai sab so tension Mt lo
  • Honestly how are her classes.does she cover every aspect of syllabus.
    You wouldn't like me when i'm angry Because I always back up my rage with facts and documented sources. |Philosophy|
  • I have attended her classes in Mar- June 2016 . She doesn't teach Physical Anthropology and arranges an appropriate lecturer for that. Yes, she covers every other aspect of syllabus and evaluate test copies in time.
  • Vision IAS GS foundation course is to be shared at the cheapest price. Those who are interested kindly drop me a message.
  • BRAINTREE Newest and untouched bookets for 400/-
    Battle lost !

    ..But the war still goes on..
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