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Manchsheel | What do you people think?

Our PM articulated his own Panchsheel (or Manchsheel :P) recently. Is it good, useful, rhetorical, enlightening (highly unlikely), useless or fultoo gadhapani? What say people?


  • I completely agree with @abhithegandey
    Hail you guruji
    :-bd :-bd :-bd
    =D> =D> =D>

  • Jabru uttar bawaa !!
    Jai ho sarkar .. kya points nahin likhe aapne, waah

    Hail new guruji @skylax
    'ab pachhtaya kya hot jab launda aa gya under hamaar danda'

    ^:)^ ^:)^ ^:)^ :-\"
  • bhai @abhithegandey aisa kya likha maine upar? aapki prashansa hi to ki hai
  • edited November 2013
    On a serious note, Manmohan Singh's take on Panchsheel is significant in that he put what had been the unspoken foreign policy of India since Narasimha Rao and more strongly since AB Vajpayee, in as many words. Ashwani Kumar, the disgraced ex-law minister, had said, while he was MoS for Industry, that India's foreign policy is pursuit of "enlightened self-interest", and that phrase is an apt summary of Manmohan Singh's take. Essentially, the country needs a economic high ground, not a moral high ground.
  • arre saala .. hum khana khane gye ki guruji serious ho gye !!
    aur bhaiya @skylax aapne ki hamri prashansa, to humne ki aapki prashansa (bole to returning the favor) - aur to aur aapko guruji bana diya, ab kya mujra dekhiyega?
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