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UPSC coaching in AICSCC chennai is good?


  • Nope . No coaching institute fullfill requirement of what one ought to be need to clear this exam.. but this institute was run by govt , so govt civil servants regularly coming to teach some topics on their exoerience
  • edited November 2017
    Around 5 months
    Comfortable stay, good food!

    Thats all, don't expect anything on coaching aspect.

    Join only for self study or if any issues with your current staying, food.
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  • @Brock_Lesnar Taken coaching in AICSCC?
    R U doing self study for UPSC?
  • @krsanthosh16195

    Btw some optimistic opinion about AICSCC apart from stay, food.
    Study hall, WiFi, few serious experienced aspirants who really going to clear.
    So if u serious, focused on preparation u ll get some company of right people.
    Institute ll freely arrange some prelims test series like Shankar, TIME, Insights (this can be attended by outsiders also)

    Also distractions there,
    Some aspirants find new friends(!) and waste months, come to reality only a month before exam.

    So mostly don't expect classes, it ll go without any proper organising.
    After two months not even 5 persons sit inside classroom, so faculties also won't teach anything seriously.

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    Lucky enough to get out of this shit >:)
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    48 questions @Valluvar

    Ok u ll get selected.
    My final opinion,
    It's only for 5 months, after prelims mostly they ask to vacate and start admission for mains only after prelims results.

    U need ur own plan, strategy to clear exam.
    U can just utilise their facilities (earlier mentioned) for ur preparation.

    Beware of classes, functions like programme, toppers/ officers talks. Its a govt institute, so these like arrangements happen regularly without any outcome.
    U may attend classes selectively as long as u feel it's useful
    (actually most of the faculties are good and from private institutes, but they invite many faculties to take same subject and repeat same topic without completing remaining portion, some faculties visit only 1 or 2 lectures, there won't be any continuity, like this it ll goes, hope u understand)

    If u not planning to join any coaching, then it's better to join there.
    If u join, remember to start preparation without wasting time.

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    Lucky enough to get out of this shit >:)
  • @Brock_Lesnar I already done UPSC coaching at MNT (Manidhaneyam IAS academy).
    Is it worth to join AICSCC?
    P.S:Gave attempt at 2017 prelims and got score of 99 marks as per Shankar IAS academy key.
    Can I join AICSCC ? @Brock_Lesnar
  • All I can say is don't go in the hope of some coaching, there is no proper coaching in AICSCC!
    It's just for facilities like stay, food, study hall, some test series etc.

    Yes ur prelims score is good, definitely u can manage with self study for prelims preparation.

    Decision should be based on ur situation, requirements.
    Dont join - If u already staying in some good place, no issues with food etc and importantly preparing well and not interested in shifting to new place.

    Join - if no issues with shifting, presently ur preparation not upto the mark, want some changes and need good study environment.

    AICSCC is good place to study if u settled and start to focus on preparation. Max there won't be disturbances.
    If any bedbugs issue, they ll ask all to shift our things to some other buildings for 2, 3 days)
    Water - Daily morning and evening supplied for few hours, other time u need to use water filled in big drum that available. Don't know about present situation.
    Overall facilities, administration is depends on Principal, so it's varies..
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    Lucky enough to get out of this shit >:)
  • @Brock_Lesnar I am currently preparing full time,For banks and CSE
    Can I have Ur contact no?
    Please ping me!
  • edited November 2017
    If u need anything contact me in Telegram
    2018 Lottery round :#
    Lucky enough to get out of this shit >:)
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