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Social media is inherently a selfish medium

Who all wrote on this topic and what did you people write?


  • I wrote on following lines -
    Started with example of case of sexual harassment in Assam and how instead of helping, people were capturing it to put it on social media.

    Then wrote some definitions and data about social media. For example, What Zuckerberg has said + Data as per ITU
    Then argued that Social media is a value loaded term -> Because it talks about being social i.e. tolerance, trust, democratic.

    Then argued for the motion -
    a. Issues of reach, language {Elitism}
    b. Social media celebrities, self-glorification, FOMO etc. {Quoted Harvard Study}
    c. Issue of Trolling
    d. Fake news
    e. Shutting out people through blocking and muting

    Then argued against the motion -
    a. Making people more aware, mobilizing them - Movements for net neutrality, Arab spring
    b. Crowd sourcing {Gave example of India Ice Hockey team}
    c. Governance - More accountability, more resposiveness
    d. Overall more tolerance, cosmopolitanism


    Thus, it is the values which determine the use of a medium.
    Social media is a tool - Can be used or abused {Like Gandhi talked about Science and Technology}.
    Argued that while social media is creating alienation, it is same social social media which motivated people to talk about depression and gather public support {Deepika Padukone}
    Finally, Social media - One of the greatest manifestation of human creativity + Must be used wisely!
  • my thoughts.
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    I guess in lines pe likhna tha
    Mere essay me inherent word pe focus Kam hai, specially ye algorithm wala part(that you get to see more of what you are seeing frequently)
    So.mera essay more of social media is selfish medium pe chala gya, otherwise all dimensions are covered including post truth and fake news
    Don't know kitna machega
    @ias021 sir?
    The lightning knight
    CSE 2015 failed prelims
    CSE 2016 reserve list
    CSE 2017-*
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