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Why do more cyclones occur in the Bay of Bengal than compared to Arabian Sea?

Why do more cyclones occur in the Bay of Bengal than compared to Arabian Sea?

this question was asked in Synergy full test today. please answer.


  • Cyclones that form over the Bay of Bengal are either those develop insitu over southeast Bay of Bengal and adjoining Andaman Sea or remnants of typhoons over Northwest Pacific and move across south China sea to Indian Seas. As the frequency of typhoons over Northwest Pacific is quite high (about 35 % of the global annual average), the Bay of Bengal also gets its increased quota.

    The cyclones over the Arabian Sea either originate insitu over southeast Arabian Sea (which includes Lakshadweep area also) or remnants of cyclones from the Bay of Bengal that move across south peninsula. As the majority of Cyclones over the Bay of Bengal weaken over land after landfall, the frequency of migration into Arabian Sea is low.

    In addition to all the above the Arabian Sea is relatively colder than Bay of Bengal and hence inhibits the formation and intensification of the system.
  • Why do more cyclones occur in the Bay of Bengal than compared to Arabian Sea?

    this question was asked in Synergy full test today. please answer.
    please upload the synergy full test.......

  • Tropical cyclones occurs in a band of 30 N and S.

    Its direction is towards North-West in the northern hemisphere.

    For tropical cyclone to form it should have large heated water body.

    Now when u see at the picture of thermohaline flow it can be observed that cyclones which are directed towards or formed in Arabian sea encounters the upwelling. This upwelling is very very discouraging for the tropical cyclones. Meanwhile if you compare bay of bengal then there is no upwelling of the sea and also it is facilitated by warm current between Australia and southern tip of Indonesia.

    Thats y Arabian will not see/experience tropical as much as bay of bengal experience.

    Any one can also supplement this
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  • Because:- Large sea surface with high temperature + South east trades + Coriolis effect + warm ocean waters near the equator(-> supply of moisture)= Tropical Cyclone.. Bay of Bengal more frequent :- because of Eastern trades+ Coriolis effect... i guess. But even i am not sure.
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    1.in east coast of india--->long coastline--->more pressure variation--->more cyclones.
    2.East coast has gentle slope--->forms link between the water of landmass& ocean--->more cyclones

    Along West coast
    reason mentioned by @dp81 ..
    most cyclones have origin in bay of Bengal.they flow southward and as a result of coriolis force deflected to their right and strike konkan coast on the west

    If possible please upload the test papers.thanks
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    I was expecting a question on similar lines,in this year's mains.Now that synergy has asked it,I don't think upsc will :p

    Go through the last 4 posts in this discussion for a few extra points.

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