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[Videos] Making GS Mains Paper 1, Paper 2 and Paper 3 Videos month-wise

Hello everyone,

I have started making videos on GS Mains Paper 1, 2 and 3 month-wise, which is a collection and summary of important articles with proper description. I truly believe it will help people, especially those who are giving Mains in October. For those who are preparing for June 2018, I have made videos for them as well.

I am attaching one video so that you could analyse the quality. If it helps you people, I will be the happiest person. Do share your feedback. Thanks



  • Channel Name is : IAS - THE ULTIMATE DREAM!!!

    I am not able to embed, so sharing a link
  • If you people feel I could add some more stuff in videos, do tell me about it...Hope it helps...
  • Another Video :

  • Hope this video gets uploaded...Editing feature is little too clumpsy at ForumIas :wink:
  • shubh36 said:

    Hope this video gets uploaded...Editing feature is little too clumsy at ForumIas :wink:

  • I don't know...Something is not working properly in the Editing feature of ForumIas...Or maybe I am doing it wrong...But do check out the videos and accordingly let me know your feedback...If it helps, I will keep on making them because I am also loving the whole process...Thanks

  • Good work
    Hustle mode..!!
  • Good work

    Thank you so much buddy...Means a lot...Since GS1 is more static than dynamic, so I will try to cover static portion as well....In future, I will try to include History Optional Previous Year Questions Discussion of all 4 parts, i.e. Ancient, Medieval, Modern and World

    That will help GS students as well since UPSC is now including Optional Questions in GS Papers...But till this year mains, I will try to cover as many videos on Paper 1,2 and 3 as possible...That is the short-term goal
  • Some other important videos

  • GS Mains Paper_July 2017_Part 5(Last)

  • Facing some issues in sharing here on Forumias...don't know exactly what...Will Upload GS Paper 2_Aug. 2017_Part 2 by tonight...Thanks
  • Chill out
    Give time intervals between uploads (atleast a day)

    Hustle mode..!!
  • Chill out
    Give time intervals between uploads (atleast a day)

    :smile: :smile:

    Those are previous videos buddy...Uploading once daily because of time constraint...Planning to complete GS Mains Paper 2_Aug. 2017 important articles in next 2-3 days...lets see how it goes

  • I hope more people watch it
    Hustle mode..!!
  • :smile:

    Me too hope the same...But it's all about value addition...If it serves people's purpose, then only they will watch it...My aim is to keep videos short, simple and to-the-point...No beating around the bush...I will do my work, rest is upto God...But yup, lots of sugar in your mouth buddy :wink:
  • Made this video for people who are giving their all for June 2018...Hope it helps...

  • Again not able to embed for some reason...

    Do look for the video "How and What to Cover till June 2018...Way forward"
  • Forumias is broken in this matter

    There is demand for arc reports as one fellew fourias member made those videos but since hv made them private
    Hustle mode..!!
  • GS Mains Paper 2_Aug. 2017_Part 2 Uploaded

  • Topics Discussed:
    a)Tussle between Legislature and Judiciary on Inter-States Water Dispute
    b)Sino-India Relations
    c)Office of Profit
    d)India's Education System
    e)Lok Adalat
    f)Cross-LOC Trade

  • There is demand for arc reports as one fellew fourias member made those videos but since hv made them private

    GSScore has uploaded I guess 7 videos on ARC of which they have made 1 private...Although they have skipped certain portion intentionally, but I guess something is better than nothing
  • GS Mains Paper 2_Aug. 2017_Part 3 uploaded

  • Topics Discussed:
    a)Gov. Advertisements and Taxpayer's Money
    b)Marijuana Legalisation
    c)Gorakhpur Tragedy and Healthcare System
    d)All-India Judicial Service
    e)Censorship and CrPC
    f)A glance at India's Foreign Relations
    g)SHGs and SGSY
  • GS Mains Paper 2_Aug. 2017_Part 4 uploaded

  • Topics Discussed:
    a)Civil Services Board
    b)Kala-Azar and Indian Subcontinent
    c)Right to Education
    d)Indo-Nepal Ties
    e)Civil Services in a Democracy
    f)Rights of Persons with Disabilities(Divyang)
    g)RTI and its Misuse
    h)Forest Rights Act, 2006
  • GS Mains Paper 2_Aug. 2017_Part 5 uploaded...One more to go

  • Topics Discussed:
    a)Tamil Nadu and NEET
    b)US in Afghanistan
    c)Right to Privacy and Section 377(IPC)
    d)Prasar Bharati's so-called Autonomy
    e)Dilemma of Right to Education
    f)Article 35A
  • Kindle said:

    Good videos @shubh36

    Thanks buddy :smile:
  • Hey @shubh36 can you make some videos on arc reports? It will be of great help to mains and next yr candidates as well.
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