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State of Sate PSCs! TNPSC Gr1 Main 2016 Exam Corruption exposed

mail received.
Hi friends, I am also one of TNPSC aspirant like you and got selected for writing this year Group 1 mains exam. I know there are some allegations about TNPSC exam process, but still I believed that may be rare cases and if we prepare seriously we can clear exam.
Last Monday, August 21, The Hindu carrying this front-page news

After reading this I searched for that TV program, and found its about Sathiyam TV channel program, below is the link for that

Or same video another link

Shockingly that reporter showing "ORIGINAL TNPSC 2016 MAINS GS PAPER 1 ANSWER SHEET" written by someone in Tamil medium.
It's not even Xerox copy, it's original answer sheet!
You can see the answers also (1st question about regulating act, 2nd question about Santhal 3rd question about 1853 act).

My friends who attended 2016 Mains claim this is 100% original TNPSC answer sheet provided in examhall, no chance to make any dublicate similar to that.
If there is no malpractice, it's impossible for answer sheet in outsiders hand.

Sathiyam TV claims some person who claimed to be acted as TNPSC broker for these cheating send that in courier.

Based on that story it's looks like that aspirant who attended 2016 main exam just attended few 3 marks questions to act like writing exam (3 hours) otherwise examiner ll get doubt.
He not attended more questions because they planned to write correct answers in that same answer sheet after exam over.
But after exam over they changed that answer sheet with other answer sheet filled with all correct answers. (So that person may be this year topper with single digit rank)
Some how that original answer sheet written during exams end with this broker. Due to commission money issues,that broker send that original answer sheet to Sathiyam TV.
Now questions need to be answered by TNPSC:
1. How someone original answer sheet available with outsiders?
2. How TNPSC evaluated that person mains answer sheet? (because already written, interview results declared)
3. If another answer sheet of that person is in possession of TNPSC, which one is original? How multiple answer sheets available for same person?
4. If TNPSC claims this original answer sheet shown in TV is fake, who can create 100% similar answer sheet? If there is no malpractice why someone going create this answer sheet?
5. How an aspirant can attend same Group 1 Main exam, when credibility of the TNPSC is under HC ordered investigation?

Friends please take this issue very seriously, it's look like almost all the seats are filled with money. Think about this, if this malpractice is rare issue, they don't leave original answer sheet with some broker. This shows its large scale very common practice. So genuine aspirant can get posting if anything vacant after all vacancies filled with money. So it's almost not possible to get a group 1 posting if same malpractice happened this year also.

I am requesting every TNPSC aspirants to try something
1. Establish contact with other aspirants, form groups
2. Try to contact person who already filled petition in Madras HC, join in that or file separate petition. This ll strengthen the case.
3. Argue for postpone main exam till investigation over and some safeguard mechanism placed for preventing that malpractice.
4. Send petition to TNPSC office, chairman, CE, secretary, members etc through email, letter anything.
Clearly mention, we don't attend mains exam if there is no clear answer from TNPSC.
Build pressure on TNPSC from continuing same malpractice, thats is the only way now to stop this.
5. Persons with press, media support kindly make them cover this news prominently.

Any other suggestions, information kindly mail me back.
Thank you.


  • Same thing with TSPSC brother, bloody state exams. They have failed to conduct an exam for 40 people correctly. Disgusting.
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