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Head of State/PM visits | Major Group/Org Meetings

edited October 2013 in International Relations
Hey everyone, let's dedicate this post to list (and if possible, give an outline) the recent Head of state visits, PM visits and major group/organization meetings held. This will help candidates writing Mains this year. :D


  • I'll begin with G20 summit at St Petersburg 2013:
    -The nations declared there would be no currency war and deferred plans to set new debt-cutting targets, underlining broad concern about the fragile state of the world economy.
    -Govts would promote & encourage institutional investors to finance long term investment.
    -PPP to finance investments should be encouraged
  • edited October 2013
    Currency war? I think the agreement was on the effects of monetary policies of some countries on other economies, better coordination was envisaged in this area.

    And syria? That was the main thing, I guess.
    Also, BRICS bank was discussed on the sidelines.
    I don't like to reply to idiots and if you think I am referring to you, you are probably correct.

    Syria was all over the place, please check!

    BRICS bank was also discussed, but only by the BRICS countries (on the sidelines)

    In fact, these were the 3 issues concerning India .. I don't go through current affairs websites but I sure read my newspaper!
    I don't like to reply to idiots and if you think I am referring to you, you are probably correct.
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