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did your arts background friends clear IFOS prelims who are otherwise ineligible for writing mains?

are u sure that they didnt get a postgrad msc degree which makes them eligible. pls discuss .its an issue of urgent importance .. UPSC Does no documentation verification at prelim level


  • The official notification for qualifications for ifos says a bachelors in so n so subjects. It doesn't say bachelors of science. There is a loophole there. Going by the official word, a person with a B.A. in maths or statistics can technically apply for it. Some distance univs offer b.a. in math and stat.

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    thats all right .. but generally arts candidates applied for ifos prelim along .. as thr is no document verification by UPSC at prelim level.. this was a discussion at telegram of ifos. this denies oppurtinityto write mains for those eligible candidates who missed ifos prelim by a mark
  • I have never applied for ifos. Just answered this because I have arts background and I have in the past mulled over how one can bend the rules to become eligible for ifos. This is just a theoretical possibility though. Even in that the scope of bending the rules is too narrow. A pure arts student can only apply if they have a ba in maths and stat. Rest of the subjects don't even have the wild possibility of being an arts subject anywhere.

    I don't know if arts people can apply for ifos too unless they really have a bachelors in the mandated disciplines. If they do have a legit degree then I guess no one can say they aren't eligible or less deserving than another candidate. A drop down list in qualifications section of the prelim form ensures only eligible ppl apply for ifos.

  • Agar koi b.a ho aur masters ya diploma ki degree in forestry he not eligible for ifos
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