Developing the Essay Writing Skill

What are the components of an Ideal Essay for Civil Service Examination ? How to develop the essay writing skills, is it necessary to focus on essay with the prelims preparation? Suggest .


  • hello rohan, u can start preparing for the essay during the initial level of preparation , i think good anwer writing can definately steup ur chance for ias and it has been obserbed that people are having knowledge but still cant make upto the mark coz of poor writing skills, the best possible way is to start practicing. read newspapers editor column n start writing 150-200 words editorial n mail them to the editor, n dont get uoset to see the response...stay motivated. also writing a blog can also help , it will improve ur vocabulary n also u need to view different opinions. all the best for ur preparation.
  • Wat can be expected essay for dis year?
  • I am third year civil engineering student so how should be the way for preparing of essay skil
  • Hello, developing a good writing skill is not something that can be done within few days, i think u should start preparing right from the beginning, try to write one topic daily and make it a habit to do so, also u can watch the videos online which can tell u what are the vital components of the essay and how can you judge the topic.
  • Search @oceanus on queries thread. You will find a wonderful blog on how to go about it.
  • best teacher for essay writing guidance? please suggest if any coaching centre starts the exclusive batch for essay ?
  • An essay blog that might help...
  • hello rohan, I would lyk to suggest u the videos of Khan sir for improving essay writing skills, I have been following ksg's youtube channel from 2 years nw, the videos are beneficial for the aspirant also, they share special playlist on regular basis for Khan Sir guidance on essay and answer writing . u can also find the tips n strategy videos og the country's topper. m giving the link for the channel ,u should try it once, all the best.
  • What are the components of an Ideal Essay for Civil Service Examination ? How to develop the essay writing skills, is it necessary to focus on essay with the prelims preparation? Suggest .

    Despite the plethora of material and methods out on the internet and in markets, all you need is this.

    1. A structure
    2. A good introduction.
    3. Concise writing and argumentation.
    4. A good conclusion
    5. Multidimensionality.

    For structure refer this:

    For content: Use Mrunal's analysis of essays and prepare something ob every topic.Use past year Yojana's, the internet and anything that can develop your understanding on all the sections from which essays are asked.Make a list of topics, make effective introductions on them. By heart a few quotations. If you are hardworking, read summaries of important non-fiction books.Or read them all.Whatever.Topper answer sheets will also give you clues. Do the hard work man!

    For how to write: Basic vocabulary+basic grammar+ clear idea what you want to say+a clear structure+practice

    And also :smile:
    1. Write in short and precise sentences.
    2. Use simple words but make effective arguments.
    3. Do not describe your GS knowledge in the essay. You can use it to strengthen your arguments but don't make it the main argument.For example, you can use the constitution as a point to make an argument but dont start off with an article from the C.
    4. Read Yojana articles by civil servants. You are expected to write like that.
    5.Read editorials. Especially by civil servants, advocates, and policymakers.

    It is not necessary to focus on Essay with Prelims.However, you can start by writing short essays on philosophical topics.You can use previous year papers for the topic. For example- Be the change you wish to see in the world.You can write an essay, atleast a basic one. So practice them.

    One step,One Punch,One Round At a Time.
    How you do anything is how you do everything.

    PSIR Optional. Aspiring Diplomat.
  • For multidimensionality:
    This can only come when you think about what you have read. Also, when you visualize social, political and economic systems and start to connect the dots. Read the newspaper and for each issue, mentally highlight the economic, political , social, cultural, ethical,spiritual(if any) other aspects. Slowly, this process will become easy and will change the way you

    To strategise your essay

    You need to learn how to make mind maps. Use google and youtube. They'll help you in brainstorming and note making for essay.

    Hope this was helpful.
    One step,One Punch,One Round At a Time.
    How you do anything is how you do everything.

    PSIR Optional. Aspiring Diplomat.
  • Thank you so much evry1 for your kind suggestions as m genuinely looking for a advice. It is tough though but not impossible i have realized , its a great platform to discuss your FAQs and other doubts.
  • hey just try these topics for essay writing :
  • hey just try these topics for essay writing :

    Thank you so much , i appreciate your help. Thanks once again.
  • Disinvestment: Have PSEs outrun their utility?

    India flew 100 million passengers in 2016 making it the third largest market in domestic air passenger traffic. Air India had a share of only 13.5% in it. This would have been unimaginable in 1953 when the Indian Parliament passed the Air Corporations Act nationalizing the airline industry. The phenomenal growth of the sector has resulted in achieving the unsaid objective of the Act of nurturing the aviation sector.

    The culmination of state led capitalism in the sector can be marked by Niti Aayog's recommendation to sell government stake in Air India. Niti Aayog CEO echoed the changed economic paradigm when he said that the “government has no business to be in business.”

    The Disinvestment Imperative

    Firstly disinvestment makes financial sense. There are nearly 235 CPSEs in India. One third of them are loss making entities. The constantly bleeding of PSEs has put pressure on the government exchequer at a time when it is trying to control the fiscal deficit. Air India alone has an approximate accumulated debt of Rs. 50,000 crore.

    Taking it from here...
  • i have seen Dr Khan videos on ksg site, its good and some question videos are also given on their site, thanks for suggesting. please give the the link for mrunal sir lectures.
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