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Self Study for Philosophy

edited March 2013 in Philosophy
can u plz guide me about how to move ahead
how to start rather what should i start my studies of philosophy with
i m not taking any coaching for any subjects
my second option is pub ad
2013 is my 1st attempt
looking forward to help and guidance here.

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    Do you have a background in philosophy? In yu don't , you"ll probably need some sort of help from a coaching. thats for sure.
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  • @Neyawn : Which books should be referred for Philosophy? I don't know if I'll be able to join coaching next year after Prelims, so I wanna start with it right now. I read it in a different thread that you got 201/300 in Philosophy :O (slow clap). So it's safe to say that your recommendations and strategy will carry immense weight :)
  • I gave my first attempt this year with philosophy. I did not take any coaching but i had patanjali notes. In my opinion, the subjects only requires interest and ability to think and reason. But i had a friend who immensely helped by suggesting me relevant books and notes etc.
    Books: You can start with An Introducation To Indian Philosophy (Paperback)
    by Satischandra Ghatterjee
    a critical history of western philosophy y masih

    Also i would like to share how i started with the subject. I just picked the syllabus of philosophy. Picked up each item.. googled read watever came my way.. got completely interested into it.. incidently I was familiar with few stuff.
    Afterwards i bought books and notes etc...
  • No it wouldn't be safe to say that @Mjolnir :-) That will only be final if THIS time I am able to score well. I would suggest you could refer to C D Sharm's A Critical Survey of Indian Philosophy for starters. Refer to the syllabus and just read those chapters.

    An easier book is Rupa & Co's An Introducation To Indian Philosophy

    These are just for Indian Philosophy. You will need both these books. For Buddha, books 2 is essential. Give it a pleasure read and if you like what you read, you can go ahead with this optional.
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  • Nudge me a little more, and maybe I will give out a plan for how to prepare philosophy optional if you can't afford coaching for any resource (time or money) constraint. It is easier than you think.
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    hi, for Current Affairs, Group Discussion & Interview preparation, read all editorials at:

    hi, read all editorials at:

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  • Liked this picture, so posting it here

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  • @Neyawn
    too good! O:-)
    One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.
  • Thank You @harshm and @neyawn. I thought of picking Philosophy after I went through the Q.Papers and syllabus. It is also a bit personal to me as I had thought about a lot of these things in the process of becoming an atheist and have always found the discussions on these topics very stimulating.

    I actually found this book called 'A History of Western Philosophy' by Bertrand Russell in a nearby library and was reading it while thinking about what optional to choose. Don't know if that book is recommended for Civils but I guess it can't hurt.

    @neyawn - I would nudge the hell out of you if I knew what my immediate future would be :) But till then I don't want to bother you. The books that you guys have suggested would occupy me till then. Thanks again.
  • @Mjolnir
    I have found that book by Russell cited everywhere, including in masih. So it must be good.

  • @neyawn - I would nudge the hell out of you if I knew what my immediate future would be :) But till then I don't want to bother you. The books that you guys have suggested would occupy me till then. Thanks again.
    The vagaries of the the unknown vacuum between adolescence and adulthood. I know that feeling.
    *No good deed goes unpunished*
  • @harshm @khajoor , you know I really appreciate that you guys have kept simple IDs without underscores or a mix of Capitals and small letters. It is so easy to tag you!

    @MjoInr , Do take note, I have no idea whether the middle letter is an L or an i . Its a nice idea to make a one time request for change of UserID or any other request at the below link:-

    I am not sure how active the admin guys are, though.
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  • @Neyawn - "The vagaries of the the unknown vacuum between adolescence and adulthood." Not exactly. More like between voluntary unemployment and expected employment :)

    When I created the account here, I had just watched 'Thor', the movie and it was still lingering in my head. 'Mjolnir' is the name of Thor's hammer. The middle letter is small L. Just the first letter is a capital. I'll see if I can get it changed if it's affecting the tagging efforts.
  • Why are you then planning for 2014 and not 2013? Have you written the paper before?
    *No good deed goes unpunished*
  • @Neyawn
    thank u jee ;;) as for your id, i would always check twice before typing it i know you 'yawn'...... I-)
    One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.
  • I am planning for 2013 and this will be my first attempt.
  • edited January 2013
    I am prepairing by selfstudy and my optionals are psychology and philosophy. Can you explain me how to test myself on philosophy? Time management because psychology consumes a lot of time and even philosophy is not that concise.PLz Help
  • @Neyawn @asg too privileged to have two senior veterans having philosophy.i want to know the booklist of philosophy for a friend who don't have any experience with this subject.
    >>i already read all the philosophy posts with an inference that printed patanjali notes are really good but apart from these notes what else should he refer to ??
    >>or should he start with books and then to patanjali notes??
    so seniors and others having philosophy please enlighten me about this subject's booklist.a big thanks in advance for ur invaluable suggestions
  • anyone having philosophy please help. @abhinrao24 i think u too have philosophy as optional so please provide an insight into the subject.and a booklist too.sorry for the redundancy moderators but this is urgent and i thought maybe because i just mentioned you and asg in previous question thats why others are not at all interested :-/ :P
  • edited March 2013
    Hahahaha @oxford95
    You just made me laugh, but you did have a point, 2 actually.

    Anyway, go through this link, with an embedded link in it, that should answer your queries.

    And try to dig the threads a bit, there are lots of imp & relevant info down in those pages.
    Answering the same questions again & again feels a lil boring at times.
    Hope you understand, not that I'm acting like a gentleman here, but still, with pre so near, our plates are full right?.
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    @abhinrao24 haha thanx bro.i have been reading nearly every comment from last july on forum.though this is a new id because of change in optional :)) and i missed this sociology vs philosophy thread maybe because it was not made as a philosophy the way thanx a lot.

    editt i didnt miss this thread too :) there are books mentioned but i wanted a list for both papers in a comment so that i dont have to do research of my own for my friend :P
  • edited March 2013
  • edited March 2013
    Thats alright, you're welcome. :)

    Paper 2-
    Socio-Pol - Socio-pol phil by O P Gauba.
    Religious- Relig phil by Masih might be good.

    PS: I have not read any of those books till date.
    @abhinrao24 haha thats the funny part man.i have read this "never read these books" thing in blogs and interviews of many you are well on ur way of becoming a topper :)
    on a serious note what about paper 1?? and if u feel that patanjali notes are enough for a starter then i am not going to insist you to write names of some books :P
    so tell me if notes are enough for a newbie?
    and i read in that thread that the book donald palmer is too if u haven't bought it yet then maybe i have its soft copy if u want it.
  • edited March 2013
    IMO, for a newbie, notes are more than enough.

    If you have the soft copy of palmer, plz upload it, I'll take a look sometime.
    Thanks for the offer man. :)
  • uploading donald palmer's unbearable heaviness of philosophy made lighter in two files because of size constraint of 10 mb
  • second file is the one with first 256 pages
  • please tell books name available in Hindi for Philosophy :)
  • Hey Guys ...can anybody review VisionIAS for Philosophy test series and their teacher Anoop Kumar Singh for classroom coaching

    @Neyawn Buddy, how to study contemporary western philosophy ...I haven't found any book for this portion ....any suggestions??
    "For those who fight for it, life has a flavor the sheltered will never know." - Sucker Punch
  • Which part of the philosophy syllabus is most interesting? Western, indian, philosophy of religion or socio political? I am starting with whichever might be most interesting. Thanks.
    I don't like to reply to idiots and if you think I am referring to you, you are probably correct.
  • edited August 2013
    Which part of the philosophy syllabus is most interesting? Western, indian, philosophy of religion or socio political? I am starting with whichever might be most interesting. Thanks.
    it really depends on you, but as far as Philosophy is concerned, im assuming you're talking about the Metaphysical aspects of it- coz if any such thing as a 'core' can be considered in philosophy, its got to be that.. and if thats what you're looking for, it has to be the contents of paper 1.. both Indian and Western Philosophy are extremely interesting.. as you go along, you'll notice interesting parallels as well as points of convergence among the two.. so, i suggest you start with paper 1.. :)

    [ CSE-2013 ]
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