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[Poll:] Should ForumIAS adopt the Upvote/Downvote & Commenting feature like Quora/Stackoverflow?

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It's very tedious to surf through pages and pages of a thread (or through threads & threads involving similar search terms) to find a simple bit of information.

It'd be very helpful if ForumIAS too adopted a feature to Upvote/Downvote replies. This approach would have multiple benefits:
  • Deduplication. The exam's cycle is such that there are many threads that keep getting repeated each year...be it the ones asking for help with selection of the right teacher/coaching institute, or for the right test series, or for the way to right answers or for the right Interview preparation program etc. There can be a single thread for each such repetitive question and each year, we can can upvote, downvote, or add new & emerging alternatives that were missing earlier.
  • Reduced man-hours searching for information= more focus of Preparation.
    • Hours and hours of time would be saved...we could access the most helpful posts right away.
    • Also, because of de-duplication of threads, we won't have to go through endless number of threads involving similar search terms.
  • The unwanted clutter/comments would not break the flow of ideas between important/helpful posts.
  • By adopting the manner in which comments are implemented in StackOverflow, not only would it become possible to improve the quality of questions, but also to give less visual importance to personal comments vis-a-vis the overall flow of the thread. This way, the thread cannot be hijacked by anyone and everyone keeps closely to the central question in the thread.
  • Polls, Oh, Polls! We desperately need Polling in ForumIAS! Because of the inherent nature of the Upvote/Downvote mechanism, it's possible to conduct polls, which the current architecture of ForumIAS doesn't allow. For example, consider the best way to write introductions/conclusions to our anwers. Won't it be better if those successful among the community can upvote the strategy that worked for them, while those who unfortunately don't clear the exam, downvote the outdated/antiquated strategy? Some rank-holders suggest that writing definitions as introductions helps. But exactly how helpful is it? Is it the best strategy out there? Do the top-10 each year follow this strategy of writing definitions as their introductions? The (Upvote/Downvote) polling feature would help us immensely in unveiling the true nature of the UPSC evaluation process.
Note to Moderators:
  • Your efforts might also be reduced considerably by adopting the Upvote/Downvote mechanism because spam/advertorial messages would be downvoted by the community itself and hence, your time also saved!
  • Also, could you guys please make this a featured discussion so that others would also provide their inputs?
Pretty please?


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    Alternatively, I found out that we can utilize the same engine that powers Stackoverflow to create a new Q&A community...run on StackExchange servers (so no hosting/development costs either!). All it'd need is to start working through the modalities in Area51 (https://area51.stackexchange.com/). If there are people willing to invest some effort, we can create the community there.
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    @Root, @root_other, @Neyawn sir, @admin Can we please make this a featured thread on the forum to gain wider participation?
  • Hell yes
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