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Indian and Chinese army chiefs conversation on WHATSAPP

Conversation between India and Chinese army chiefs on whatsapp
Chinese president will say to Chinese army chief , “ our plot to scare India and occupy its territory didn't go well, so you go and speak with your counterpart in such a way that he should be scared to think about china and to fight with us and eventually force him to withdraw from trijunction conflict”.

Chinese: hello

Indian : namasthe

Chinese : are you aware of present situation between china and India?

Indian : yes , I do. what is your take on it?

Chinese : that's simple, always dragon will win if we goes to war. Dragon had already proved it in 1962.

Indian : according to you if one country lost to other country in past losing country can't win against winning country again?

China : yeah , of course .

Indian : if it is so, then you people can never win against Japan which is 1/25th of china in size had defeated china in 1895 and Manchuria invasion remember?

Chinese : past is past , now dragon growth bigger enough to defend its country.

Indian : do you think we were starring at china with mouth open all these years?

Chinese : oh really! Don't speak like jackass. Come out with facts

Indian: Indian army as growth large-enough to defined territory with total force in population is 1300000.

Chinese : Haha ! Chinese force population is 2300000. You are not even nearer to us.

Indian : how many will be available to fight with us having such a long boundaries and having conflict with almost with every country need to be guard right ? However our reserve army population is 2100000

Chinese : our reserve army population is 2300000 . Here too, you are less. We have arm production and export them . Not like you people, who still depend on other countries to secure your borders. Go and sleep man.

Indian: yes, we are importing arms which have strong capabilities un-like china products haha..

Chinese : if you want to see our products power come on battle field, you will know .

Indian : if we come on it you will run beware .

Chinese : you beware I will pull Pakistan too. And I will get support from it .

Indian : see now you are thinking of support and all. If that is the case , you tell me, who else will support you ?

Chinese : Pakistan and north Korea .

Indian : wow awesome!

Chinese : don't be sarcastic. I have ATLEAST two . How many will support you ?

Indian: USA, UK, FRANCE, JAPAN,PHILIPPINE,Vietnam , CANADA, Israel etc. So you beware of us.

Chinese : aww! But we have powerful navy , and airforce .

Indian : we have most powerful navy and airforce , not reading newspapers daily ?

Chinese: our army personnels have more skills and capabilities.

Indian : shut up! Entire world surprise about how we adapted to harsh climatic conditions in worlds highest battle ground Siachen .you can imagine now about our capabilities.

Chinese : shut up man! Our size is 3 times bigger than yours even in this we are larger and bigger in geographical structure and our foreign reserves is huge compare to yours.

Indian : we agree that , But what is the use ? You are still trying to fighting for minute areas like a kid .you are unsatisfied people filled with greedy . Moreover winning war is not depend on land size , remember 1905 Russia-japan war ?

Chinese : we are nuclear country

Indian : you know about us right , we have all what you have and even more than you . You are isolated and alienated by the other countries in the region and in the world unlike India. If you still want to fight with us remember on thing already DRAGON SPECIES HAD ELIMINATED FROM THE EARTH, NOW IT CAN BE YOUR TURN NOW. Think and take decisions world is watching .

Now Chinese army chief will write a latter to president saying “ it will be difficult to defeat India unlike in 1962.moreover for all our plans to rule the world and plots to occupy other regions this war will act as spoiler . So I feel we have to withdraw our troops saying sorry to India”.


  • @DrKingSchuItz, Please Do the Needful.
  • Mate, u can post these whatsaapp msgs b/w Indian and Chinese army chiefs on specially designed" The Discussion thread",where there will be appropriate discussion on this.. ;)
    I m closing this one.
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