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Shall I join coaching?

Hello Guys,
I am willing to prepare for CSE 2018, I am a complete beginner and a fresh graduate. So, how shall I start? Self-study is enough or shall I join any coaching? I am really confused at the moment, like I said I am willing to prepare means I have to start everything from beginning. So what do you guys suggest?

PS: I have already joined Insight IAS Test Series.

Thank You!!


  • No neeed! Many toppers and even I as a serious aspirants will say u no need to join any coaching. There are many proponent of no coaching campaign like roman saini and gaurav agrawal, they themselves joined coaching in their ages..... caoching is just ego satisfaction.. I myself spent 1 lakh in online coaching but found it both useful and waste.. useful in the sense they will make you confident and there is saying positive attitute is half race won... but dont forget rest 50 you have to do on your own.. this 50 is most difficult ...bcos you know any bike can easily reached 50 but 50 to 100 ican be difficult task based on engine..
    but if u dont join coaching. 1st 50 also have to do on your own that can be daunting task for many...
    there are many who can do total 100 by themselve... but they join coaching to counter their fear and ego... yaar pree nahi nikla... tution lagaya hota to jarur nikalta... there are many of your calibre who might had worked harder than u with coaching but still didnt cleared prelim... its just perception ...
    no need tution... need if believe in blame game
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