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Current Affairs Notes Review Required: [Reform Required In Indian Parliamentary System] Please Help!

• Parliament is supposed to have members with brilliant orators skills with a grass-roots touch which provide a clear picture of root level problems while making policies. But in current time, Unfortunately debates in parliament losing its significance because its representatives narrow down their views by shifting National & Critical issues to Local Issues. Due to this Parliamentary Representatives can add only little value to policy discloser.

Low Productivity:
• Productivity of Indian Parliament is constantly decreasing. In 1950s & 1960s Parliament use to meet Average of 120 days in a year, Presently it reduced to Average of 70 days in a year in last decade. In comparison of this, British House of Common has met Average of 150 days in a year over last 15 years while U.S. House of Representatives has met for Average of 140 days in same period.

Passing Bills:

• Indian Parliament is often criticized for passing bills without proper debate, for example In 2008 16 Bills was passed with less than 20 minutes debate. Regarding debate on Private member bill only Friday afternoon session of Parliament session is reserved for debate of Private Member Bill. Till now only 14 Private Member Bill Passed so far since Independence.

Women Participation:
• India Ranked 20th from Bottom regarding representation of women in Parliament. While the 73rd and 74th constitutional amendments enabled the reservation of 33% of seats in local government, political representation by women candidates continues to be subdued, with no significant rise in the number of women MLAs in recent Assembly elections; women constitute less than 10% of the Assemblies of Various States

No Debates & Research
• Most MPs doesn't have sufficient research staff which leads to have lack of information about Policies.
• Due to Anti Defection Law, Punish MPs who deviate from their Party stated position. Due to this Individual Progressive or Conservative Nature or Leadership abilities are difficult to grow.
○ Even Voting record of Individual MPs are not even maintained. This makes extremely difficult to find nature/view of a particular MP about same kind of policies.

Following Steps can be taken to overcome these issues:

Mandatory Meeting of Parliament: Govt. should make a rule regarding "Minimum Number of Days per year for Parliament Meeting". This will not only help in increase productivity of parliament but also create an environment for a continuity in Policy making. In this context "Orissa Govt." make mandating a minimum of 60 days for the State Assembly to sit.

Women’s Reservation Bill (108th amendment) Govt should pass Women's Reservation Bill (33% reservation in State Assemblies as well as in Parliament) to improve women participation in Policy Making.

Systematic Approach to Legislative Engineering and Prioritization: We need a systematic approach to legislative engineering and prioritization — the parliamentary committee, an unfashionable institution, long out of vogue, can assume institutional importance in this process. For a backbencher MP, such committees offer a place to raise issues in the general public interest and conduct advocacy amidst legislative engineering.

Requirement of Constitutional Committee: As highlighted by the Law Ministry, we require a constitution committee which can help in scrutiny before actual drafting of proposal of constitutional reform.

Amendment in Anti-Defection Act: The Anti-Defection Act needs to be recast, and used only in the most exceptional circumstances, while allowing MPs free rein on their self-expression. This also help to distinguish MPs for their Progressive or Conservative Nature as well as leadership. Many Countries Like The U.K., for example, has the concept of a free vote allowing MPs to vote as they wish on particular legislative items.

Adequate Research Staff: Investing in Parliament’s intellectual capital is necessary and additional budgetary support should be provided while assisting MPs in employing research staff. This will help to improve quality of Debates on Policies in Parliament by Understanding Multiple dimensions.

• India’s citizens need a more robust legislative system that offers public representatives — our MPs, Ministers and the Prime Minister — a greater sense of authority. Parliament should be a space for policy and not for politics. We need to undertake reforms to ensure that it is recast as such.

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IAS Baba Notes

It took me 35 Mins to make note from this article. (Reading & Understanding - 15 Min Extra). Please tell in your opinion what should I do? Should I Make Notes or Not? Seniors Please Help!


  • Not a senior as such but still a an advise nonetheless.
    You can cut the clutter and make micro notes
    Will save your time and will help in revision in future :)
    The day we decided that the worth of an individual was determined by their performance in an examination, that was the day Education failed us.
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