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Everything about GST Reforms.

Hello everyone,

With the dawn of July 1st, 2017. Our country is witnessing a new reform in the form of GST that is expected to affect across the sectors and everyone in our nation.
Let us try to understand this event with thorough clarity as it will help in not only Mains & Interview but also in being a responsible citizen towards our country. I humbly request everyone to share your opinions, analysis and information on the below topics,

1. Objectives, Measures and Provisions of GST Bill.
2. Advantages and Disadvantages of GST.
3. Examples and Lessons of GST in other economies.
4. Effect on centre-state relations and intra-state relations.
5. Effect on states that opt out of GST.
6. Effect on Governance and Bureaucracy.
7. Effect on Marcoeconomic Fators - GDP, Interest rates, Prices and Inflation, Employment, BoP, Monetary and Fiscal Policy etc.
8. Effect on Economic Sectors - Banking, Trade, Domestic, Health, Education, Social Sector, Infrastructure, Agriculture and Allied activities, Industry, Services, Informal, Corporate, Stock market.
9. Effect on Investments - FDI, FII, Ease of Doing business.
9. Effect on environment and carbon footprint. Critically analyze, if GST will be a step towards Green economy.
10. Effect of GST on Poor, Middle class and Rich.
11. Effect of our GST Implementation on Emerging and Developed Economies.

I kindly request everyone to type it in a readable format(would be beneficial to avoid sms language), so that this can act as a repository for revision when mains exam is near. If possible, Please also include the links for sources from which you have compiled your answer.

Looking forward to a great discussion on GST. :)
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