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Mains-2017-GS-Current Affairs

edited June 30 in Current Affairs
Cvil service exam most deciding factor is mains written scores, it's just make or break.
Good score in Written will like buffer for still more unpredictable PT score.

Just 4 things are important for mains score
1. Optional
2. Essay
3. Ethics
4. GS papers 1,2,3 :)

1. Optional is main deciding factor. It's mark even make difference in 100s. Different optional, different strategies. So its need specific approach.

2. Essay, here 50 marks easily swing (not so easy but relatively when comparing with GS) btw 100 to 150. Essay writing skills are different from GS answers writing. Need to practice more numbers of essays in different topics.

3. Ethics - for some it's trump card, others mystery. Many aspirants written scores screwed by ethics ( and essay) marks. Here already one good thread going on with lot of valuable inputs. Writing practice, approach towards case studies, different scenarios need to be mastered.

4. Here comes other GS papers.
History, Geography are somewhat static (not entirely, topics related to current affairs are asked, some questions are almost out of subject, entirely current affairs related.
All other subjects are mostly current affairs.

One speculation B)
CSP 2016 - lots of CA (comparing with previous years)
CSM 2016 - some deviation from CA (comparing with previous years)
So, it's may be alternative, checking different aspects in different stages.
CSP 2017 - lesser CA
CSM 2017 - ??
(I wish no one buy this argument and this speculation dies till CSM 2017 over, who knows, rumours are UPSC going against the most popular aspirations in this market)

So how to approach GS papers 1,2,3 CA?
1. Practising, writing practice - CA questions (single or in test series)
2. For good answer some good, analytical points needed.
(God bless who ever preparing their own CA notes for mains)

Whoever not so perfect with CA atleast till June(now), what is the approach

1. Reading all The Hindu back editions (not feasible)
2. Vision IAS monthly magazine
3. Insights CA + Insights into editorial
4. ForumIAS 9pm brief compilation
5. Vajiram Monthly CA.
6. Some others ?

What is the possible approach?
Who are all in this boat..
Hunt alone
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