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How to remember so much info for prelims. Plz HELP !!!!!

People say revise, revise, revise. But at a certain point it makes the mind dull. Just becomes a pain in the a***s. Plz Help.


  • Try connecting the dots then. Things when bind up in a story are usually remembered better.
    Take for example, Indian Polity
    Make a tree-like structure(although you should have done that before) starting with Prime Minister, their powers, election and flow down taking it to ministers and other government bodies. Mind maps usually work over here.
    If you can visualise better you can remember better.

    Unfortunately, mugging up facts from some random books which claims to give you everything in 100pgs is difficult to retain. So my advice would be to connect dots. There is a topic/point from which every other topic originates, you need to find that and create a flow. It will be easier to revise as well
  • Are bhai pad jao ek baar prelims Mai waise hi 4 options hote Sab yaad aa jayega, Jaise hazaro saal phle ki gf yaad aa jati kabhi kabhi
  • pado pado aur pado
  • modi ko rattne wale log chaheye.ratta marro
  • 1. read out loud..but not too much loud that you disturb others.
    2. try to memorise graphically (in picture form) as much as you can
    3. verbally use...memorise with rhyming words
    4. write down and try to focus on selected words for a particular phrase or selected alphabets for a particular word.
    5. keeping short notes for '"tough to remember"" things may help..

    U don't need too much revision..but solving mock questions would help better than just many revisions...
    old wine in new bottle
  • Thanx
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