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Establishing a School Library : List of Books

Establishing a School Library for children of 1st -10th standard (Hindi medium).

Suggest me book categories, books and Magazines.

Cm on guys and Guyinis…Need ur help…help poor school children


  • Broad divisions


    Science | Literature | Social science | Maths | Novels| Autobiographies| Magazines


    English | Hindi | Regional language
  • Are you planning to conduct book donation drive or fund collection?
  • Hindi: Champak(magazine), Panchatantra, Jataka tales,
    Akbar Birbal, Tenaliraman ki Kahaniyan, Amar Chitra Katha, Works by Rabindranath tagore, Premchand novels and stories,
    I am the master of my fate,
    I am the captain of my soul.

  • @Bharat2017 Books will be purchased. Looking here for suggestions and name of the books that could enrich children's experience in reading.
    1. Boodhi Kaki (Prem Chand)
    2. Harry Potter Hindi series ( I have read it in Hindi in 9th & 10th class),Sherlock Holmes Hindi book ( I read it in 6th-7th class)
    3. Vikram-Betal,Akbar-Birbal
    4. 101 Panchatantra stories,Tuldidas Ramayan (Children edition),Mahabharata (Children edition), Amar Chitra katha's
    5. National Geographic Kids- Space, science series
  • Thanks Fellas…contribute more….I will post Pictures of the Library after it is set up
  • - Mansarovar by Munshi Premchand (7 volumes)
    - Kabeer aur Raheem k dohe ( couplets)
    - Akbar Birbal k kisse
    - Jhansi ki Rani by Subhadra Kumari Chauhan
    - Andher Nagri by Bhartendu Harishchandra
    - poetries of Ramdhari singh Dinkar (krishna ki chetavani, aasha ka deepak, bapu, kalam aaj unki jai bol etc) + the poetries of Jaishankar Prasad
    - works of Dr. Kalam in hindi
    - Gulaal ka keel by Bhishm Sahni
    - Preachings of Swami Vivekananda (उत्तिष्ठत जाग्रत प्राप्य वरान्निबोधत)
    - Bharat Bharti by Maithli sharan gupt
    - any book comprising folktales (japanese folktales are very amusing :# )
    - letters from a father to his daughter.
    -famous personalities encyclopedia/picture book

    [ Little Red riding hood, pinocchio, Rapunzel, the pied piper of hamelin, snowwhite, thumbelina, cindrella etc are also available in hindi ]
    Dum Spiro Spero
  • There is an NGO called Pratham which runs library for some mcd schools in has a subdivision called Pratham books which have books catering to children from weaker sections.the books are in regional languages also...Do go through their website

    Some suggestions from my side....
    Hindi stories(animal tales) Mahadevi Verma

    Books on freedom fighters and national personalities like bahurupe Gandhi,Subhash Chandra Bose published by national book trust of India.

    NBT also publishes books on science and environmental studies for children.

    In comics there was one hindi comic named Nandan which I used to read during childhood days.
  • Thats a very good choice to utilize your every penny . Apart from books , I have one advice :

    Please put a 24*7 internet facility also .{Bsnl broadband plan are much cheaper and faster } With minimum 3 pc {you may buy 2nd hand ,will not cost you much }having facilities like speakers , printer etc).

    I can visualise how big difference it can make in someone's life where you can access knowledge on 24*7 basis.

    Think of a poor child who has rarely used a computer in his/her life . S/he would be grateful to your efforts if situation allows them to utilize Internet freely post their school hours.

    {Refer Ted ex prize for education 2012 to an indian educationist.}
    This e library model can easily survive if your village agrees to support you in terms of regular maintainence paisa/ voluntary Human support to look over it {open ,close , clean etc}

    For ex mere bacche ki shadi h , I can donate minimum 1500 rupe in name of village library welfare.
    Such collaborative efforts can make a huge difference to your library model.
    I wish you best of luck. B)
  • Please add lots of personal development books , translated version
    And biographies of successful people.
    You could put a chart on your library gate that how students should choose their books .
    I believe impact at such early age from "read books" have life long effect.
    Along side reading champak and chacha choudhary , panch tantra if a student learns that nothing as such is impossible because of his/her background ,S/he will be able to stand before society in a much better way.
    As books give hope to such struggling students.
    i wish you consider this point and make your library a weapon to change your villagers life to a great extent.
  • nice initiative .. :)
    so these are few books..
    1.Tottochan..little girl at the window
    2.ganit ka jadu claas 1 ncert
    3.rimjhim.. i think its in 3 parts
    4.ass pass (hindi) looking around (english)ncert..environment book (will help in building upsc concepts strong :p )
    6.few popular childerns literature like ..

    charlie and the chocolate factory (robert dahl),
    where the wild things are (sendak),
    a little prices (burnett),winnie the pooh,the wonderfull things you will be
    7. children literature in hindi

    .chatur (shubhash kummuru)
    .Dabe paanv tatha anya kahaniya (vrinda van lal verma),manjula bhatnagar ki baal kavitayen,
    panchatantra stories,
    gillu (mahadevi verma), ali baba chalis chor

    will add more :) keep working :)
  • forgot to add....tenaliram and bikram betaal
  • raksha said:

    forgot to add....tenaliram and bikram betaal

    :) thankoo @raksha
  • Let me add few :)

    Jungle book
    Amma kahe kahani ramayan
    Akbar birbal
    Varna mala geet
    Mogli ke karnaame
    Shabdo ki holi
    Kutte ki kahani - premchand
    Namak ka daroga - prem chand
    Hasya vinod ki kahaniyan- ruskin bond
    Bharat ke bacche - ruskin bond
    Suno viyarthiyon - mahatma gandhi
    Bandar baant - harivansh rai bacchan
    Manak hindi vyakran evm rachna

    Mehnat itni khamoshi se karo ki qamyabi shor macha de !!!
  • Hi, that's such a nice gesture from your side. Well, I am a teacher at a high school and have come across the following demands from my kids. Some of these demands were expressively stated by them, rest I could read them.

    1. Solution text books for all those questions at the end of chapters. You can call it guide book or refresher book. We teachers are given solution books. Against the unwritten practice in my school, I've kept all my books in the library so that my students can scan them as and when they like. I have often seen them struggling to get the 'right' answers without such additional aid. There's no harm and no shame, if I fumble in the class on the chronology of Delhi Sultanate while my kids parrot it out loud. I want to make their learning easier.

    2. Get them a big Thesarus/dictionary.

    3. Grammar book is essential. Please dont introduce Wren and Martin to them. Wren and Martin are meant to confuse, not to educate. Pick one easy high school grammar book authored by any Indian.

    4. A big globe. Make sure that there's someone to arouse interest in them in locating countries, cities etc. I started to spend my break time with them and often play games of locating countries. Now, my kids are very good in mapping, I'm catching up with them. (^_^) [Class VI/VII kids]

    5. A career guidance book for Class IX/X students.

    6. Furniture and other related stuffs.

    7. Newspaper/GK Books/Etcetera.

    Most of my kids are from not-so-well-to-do families. It took me a while to understand them. Being financially poor does not necessarily round off to being dull in studies. A VIth standard kid once asked me,"Sir, what is celibacy?". Ule..! I was not ready to answer its meaning to a kid. Moments later, I came to know from him that 'celibacy' is given in Chapter 7 of SST book. [Our Pasts - I, NCERT Book.] I had to explain him the meaning by taking examples of some saints sans the sex part. Kids these days are more curious than our times. It is no more that era where we mugged up question/answers to clear exams with flying grades. Kids read a lot these days.

    Story books have been shared in ample quantum in the thread and that, I dont intend to add to the list. Moreover, I have no idea about story books in Hindi. I have shared from my experience. Hope you find some of the above to be useful in your pursuit to serve the needy. :-)
  • edited April 2017
    Satyajit Ray's stories for kids/Ghost stories, Feluda series,

    Enid Blyton (she has a gazillion books...)

    Agatha Christie's stuff will be alright for the older kids (quite sure most of her titles are available in Hindi)

    Swami and Friends/Malgudi Days, although the Bachelor of Arts/Guide/ won't be amiss for the older 14+ crowd

    Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book

    Jim Corbett's Maneater/Kumaon set

    To Kill a Mockingbird

    Narnia/Jules Verne/some goodish adventure series. Wish the Hardy Boys series was in Hindi..

    Anne Frank's Diary

    Pearl Buck's Good Earth (would be great if you could find it in Hindi, along with Godan, this would give the kids to think about our connection to our lands.)

    Maybe those Reader's Digest hardbound compilations, those are age appropriate, the covers are pretty, you can get them in good condition at second hand prices during book fairs.

    You could have a chart of each class, for each book completed the kid gets a sticker/star. Kid with the most stars gets some thing good. Or maybe have graduated prizes, 5 books: stickers. 20 books: crayon set. You get the jist.

  • @TheWhiteTiger You should also try 'Mera Parivar' and other books of Mahadevi Verma. They are written in a simple language and are simply beautiful.

    Also, I am not sure if 'Malgudi Days' of R K Narayan has been included above!
    Gunning for glory!
  • Don't have any suggestions. Just came here to commend the initiative. Great work. :)
    A Lion doesn't concern himself with the opinions of the sheep.
    twitter @contactjaime123
    My Book
  • edited April 2017
    @Jaime_Lannister not impressed..expect more from you... give me list of books
  • Charles dickens
    Agatha Christie
    Ruskin bond
    also premchand ki short stories aati hai hindi may if u cn find out they r very meaningful
    hindi ncerts i guess all are worth it for lil children..
    it will matter in the end...definitely..
  • @ Jaime_Lannister not impressed..expect more from you... give me list of books

    Did not and cannot give a list buddy, because I don't know what is "good" for kids as I've grown up in a fairly democratic reading family.

    The first 5 books I've read outside of school textbooks and comics are Karm-bhoomi by Premchand, The Negotiator by Fredrick Forsyth, an unnamed but brilliant book by Mastram, The Code of Woosters by PG Wodehouse, and Foundation by Issac Asimov.

    In short, my suggestions would be considered as bad influence on impressionable minds. :)
    A Lion doesn't concern himself with the opinions of the sheep.
    twitter @contactjaime123
    My Book
  • Who moved my cheese by Spencer Johnson.
    Suitable for all ages available in several languages...
  • edited April 2017
    Ooh yes, Wodehouse has some great cricketing ones with kids in private schools, Mike and Psmith series is pretty great. Its amazing for vocabulary as well. Peppa Pig for the tiny ones. Go to the Peguin's puffin section, they have quite a few good books in both Hindi and English. Some sportsperson autobiographies won't be amiss. Is Pustak Mahal still around? If memory serves right, they have/had some good DIY/craft books. Their world famous/50 great set is all right, although not very factually correct.

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