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UPSC CDS - SSB Selection Procedure

Guys, please share your experiences about ssb interview of cds exam,your ssb centres and how one should prepare for it?
Is being overweight a problem for the ssb interview?
(Those who have cracked the SSB interview, it would be of immense help)
Nothing worth having ever comes easy !


  • Have u cleared cds2 2016 that was held in Oct?
  • Nothing worth having ever comes easy !
  • Have u recieved Ur ssb letter????
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    Hey! I have been recommended 3 out of 3 times by different boards. By 21 SSB, Bhopal for NDA in 2009, by 34 SSB, Allahabad for OTA in May 2016, by 19 SSB, Allahabad for OTA in November 2016. Unfortunately, I was medically rejected each and every time and I couldn't don the revered olive green.

    The SSB experience is amazing and you learn amazing things about yourself during the process.

    Day 0 is reporting for CDS entry in SCE, Allahabad and your documents are verified and you are accommodated in candidates' lines.

    Firstly We'll divide the preparation into 2 parts:­
    (a) TEST PART

    (a) TEST PART:

    (i) STAGE 1
    OIR :​Practice as much as you can because if you get recommended, it is very important for your services career

    PPDT​: Story should be actionable. SHOW at least 3 of OLQs in your story which you possess. Action of the story should be short, crisp and relevant to picture and your story. Read your story loud, crisp, clear and without stammering.

    (ii) STAGE 2

    SRT: ​Think out of the box and try to solve the issue at hand intelligently. Save time by writing small sentences. Try to do at least 52­-53.

    WAT​: DO NOT MAKE NEGATIVE WORDS POSITIVE BY USING ANTONYMS, it shows that you have problem with negativity. Attempt as much as possible.

    TAT: ​Same as PPDT

    SD: ​Write the truth. Be critical of yourself but do not be too critical also. Maintain a decorum. Show OLQ​s in everything. Read about OLQ​s and use the ones which you think you have.

    GTO DAY 1:

    GD*2: ​Fresh Points. Address everyone in the group. Maintain eye contact with the one who is speaking. PUT GROUP BEFORE YOURSELF

    ​Read the information carefully. Read at least 3 times. Pay very keen attention to GTO when he is speaking. Look him in the eye. Try to complete all the tasks at hand.

    PGT: ​Give Ideas. Speak loudly. Co­operate with your team. Be active. Look active.

    HGT:​Same as PGT

    GOR/Snake Race: ​Co­operate with the group. Be pumped up. Help the ones who need help.

    Lecturette: ​Read about stuff and read newspapers. Practice speaking while looking at the mirror. Look at everyone and address everyone. Speak with JOSH.

    GTO DAY 2:

    IO: ​Try to do all. Keep trying. Don't look scared.

    CT: ​Be authoratitive. Keep thinking of ways and give clear instructions to your men. Don't speak rudely and appreciate them at the end.

    FGT: ​Same as PGT

    INTERVIEW: ​Speak the truth. OWN responsibility for any fuck­ups in life. Stay Calm. Keep smiling and don't be stressed. Be aware and if you do not know the answer, tell him so. PIQ: ​Write honestly in it. DON'T Brag about stuff and DO NOT LIE. ∙

    The key here is to be same person at all the three tests. ∙

    HONESTY, CONFIDENCE, BODY LANGUAGE..WIll give you success. ∙ You are there to get recommended and are not already recommended so stay helpful and don't get arrogant. STAY CONFIDENT, not OVER and not UNDER.


    Stay active. ∙
    BE ethical and morally upright ∙
    Put others' before you. ∙
    DON't be LAZY ∙
    Read stuff. ∙

    AND Yes, being overweight is looked down upon by the assessors but if you are not that overweight it would be fine, you may get a TR from MH, Allahabad during the medical examination after getting recommended.

    If you need any other help, please feel free to inbox me.

    Wish you all the luck.
    Veerta aur Vivek.
    Country. Family. God.
    SSB Recommended.
  • @batmanonabullet thanks a lot bro, your info and advice is very helpful, will keep in touch with you and surely inbox you for any further doubts.
    As for now I should start doing some workout to lose weight.
    Nothing worth having ever comes easy !
  • Yes, start running else you will exhaust yourself in GOR and IO !
    Veerta aur Vivek.
    Country. Family. God.
    SSB Recommended.
  • @DM_BABU have u recieved Ur call letter? I haven't received any mail or letter till now!!
  • @Varonika Singh not as of now. But expected to receive in a month or 2
    Nothing worth having ever comes easy !
  • @batmanonabullet what about xtremely skinny candidates?? will they consider them or get rejected straightaway!!
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    Skinny guys have weight. Don't they? :D

    I guess there is a fixed height vs weight scale !
    No Matter, How Bad Things Get, Something Good is Out There, Just Over The Horizon!
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    Yes, fixed height vs weight scale is there in which +/- 10% is allowed and even if a rejection is given by the board, it is a temporary rejection and you have 6 weeks after that to report at Appeal Medical Board and get fitness certificate. Even if you fail there, there is Review Medical Board. BUT all this is after getting recommended and these factors are not in your hand so please think of getting recommended first because that is in your hand, your medical examination isn't.
    Veerta aur Vivek.
    Country. Family. God.
    SSB Recommended.
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