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Hello everyone,
This was my third attempt and I have failed in all mains. In last two mains my score was 662 and 645. Now facing the dilemma in my life what to do next. I am a doctor by profession. Completed MBBS 3 years back. Preparing again for Post grads won't be easy. And lacking motivation for the same also. But the real problem is not this. I talked to my parents today and said the results. They told me think again what you are doing. Preparing for CSE without parents/family support is like sailing a boat having big hole in it. After talking to them I am very much depressed, demotivated and disappointed. I know they are right at their place. But I never expected life will turn out this way. With no good job no good degree(don't think plain MBBS is a good degree, it is like sitting in a car without wheels) and no result in CSE it is as similar as hell. Today When I called my parents ,It was in my mind that after talking to them I will start preparation for the coming exam. But the conversation ended on such a note that my mind has got blocked. So, This is a request to all the mature people out there, please advice me what to do.


  • If u want to work as doc....go to twitter search for subodh yadav ias....tell him u want to work for rural masses. He is comissioner for health & family welfare Karnataka. He is looking for mbbs docs. Talk to him .
  • See, you won't be having any problem getting any ordinary employment. So, just sit alone and think, what's your purpose of your life. You can give up with this exam, but not life. Life is the biggest challenge. So don't run away, even president Abraham Lincoln failed 70 times in different elections, but still he continued. He came out as the greatest ever president of USA. Don't give up with it, if you really wanted to do something for nation and it was your decision. Just try to find out the reasons of your being unsuccessful and correct them. (I.e. optional issue or it's GS issue.)
    Good luck bro.
  • Prepare for your pg in medicine( or any other branch) . if you keep medical science as your optional then they can be pursued simultaneously. Don't keep all your hopes on this one exam , the way this exam is being conducted only hardwork and dedication are not enough you need loads and loads of luck as well .
  • Hey, I dont know much about mbbs and its scope. But I think at least you can get some decent job or something in worst case. So leaving that aside, your parents are probably worried. So are mine. But dont get disheartened. Think clearly. Take all factors into consideration like age of parents, financial condition etc. If all is good then attempt again with all your strength. Meanwhile, also search for some backups.
    I also couldn't clear mains. So this is what I thought for myself. Anyway, good luck! :smile:
  • See probably all of us are scared. So are our parents. So, things will clear with time. :smile: if you do well, which I am sure you will, then your parents will again gain strength :smile:
  • edited February 2017
    You might say I am an idiot and have medieval era thinking , but ... I think this is a practical advice :
    Ask 1-2 astrologers ki koi scope hai ya nahi. AGR bol rahe ...nhi scope hai civil service main..toh quit civils completely and go for PG.
    AGR bol rahe , yes ...toh change your strategy or optional and try again.
  • You might say I am an idiot and have medieval era thinking , but ... I think this is a practical advice :
    Ask 1-2 astrologers ki koi scope hai ya nahi. AGR bol rahe ...nhi scope hai civil service main..toh quit civils completely and go for PG.
    AGR bol rahe , yes ...toh change your strategy or optional and try again.

    Barbad forumistaan karne ko to ek hi ullu kaafi tha
    Yahan..har post pe ullu baitha hai anjam-e-forumistan kya hoga
  • I think you can give central as well as state gov job exam, with qualification as MBBs only like central medical services conducted by UPSC, along with ias as back up plan so satisfying your parents also.
  • On both occasions u were close.failed mainly bcoz of gen cat.dont take that much tension.take some job and prepare alongside.on basis of ur previous results one thing is sure that there nothing fundamentally wrong with ur prep.with little luck u may succeed.just dont get too attached with cse.
  • Almost same case as mine.. just convince your parents and be nice to them.. don't fight.. you are a grown up person.. if you want to pursue CSE then go convince your parents now and ask for one more year( remember the scene from M.S. Dhoni movie how he askd for just one year and then worked hard to get selected).. and remember being a doctor a regular job is always there for you..And for the Pg prep you can start it after an year also.. there is no age limit in pg entrances.. so it's you who have to decide.. do not waste time in negative thinkings.. just remember that thousands are studying hard even now just to eliminate lakhs.. so decision is all yours.. All the best.
    Med Sc.. 4th attempt
  • Hello doc!! I can understand your problem. Iam also a doctor this was my second mains and with god 's grace i got through.
    Coming back to you. Many think that if you are doctor you easily revert back. Thats not the case i know. But dont lose hope. Join some ngo or as somebody has pointed about that chattisgarh ias or there is company by name of quantum solutions and it requires doctors for certain job profile where you need to collect only patient case histories. This will give you monetary benefits plus satisfaction. And you can side by side continue with upsc prep. Now i think after writing 3 mains you can manage a job with prep. And try to improve your answer writing rather than reading material again.
    All the best. May you have your name on list next year.
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