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RTI to get info from UPSC regarding Mains exam answersheet

here is the format of the RTI,
see the attached file,
while you can ask your own questions, you are advised to put the the reference of SC verdicts prior to your questions to give weight-age to your RTI.

I have been able to get the chance to inspect my UP-PSC mains answer sheet.

I have file the RTI for UPSC some days before.

yes, before framing your questions, please read the Mrunal's blog and his questions. also never ask other person's details as UPSC will not give citing the personal privacy rights.
also You are sugestied to write 10th question asked in this format, as most of times UPSC answered that "the matter is not related to the Public interest"

Also please spare me for any grammatical or spelling mistake.

and Guys Ask tough questions from UPSC. Use you Poility and constitution knowledge.

I clearly see the violation of Article 21-Right to "Dignified" Life ; in both cases
1. not showing the evaluated answer-sheet of mains stage to the candidate itself so that he can improve upon.[If he give the pledge ON COURT 10rs paper that he will not file a case against UPSC ]
2. Not declaring the raw Answer-sheet, and ask for any objection with in a week ; and UPSC took around 1 to 2 month to declare it's PT result.that must be sufficient to answer all the objections made by the people.
3. individual marks and cutoff marks.
Both 2 & 3, if not provided again violates the art.21, because you are declared unsuccessful or unqualified without transparently telling you are reasons. Also if the stage -1 of the complete exam if not completed by UPSC transparently, then how stage-2 & 3 are ethical or valid ?
and to keep a person waiting for 10 to 11 month unnecessarily while it can be done with a single click, is of-course a mental harassment to the person. again not a dignified life.
So lack of transparency, when transparency is related to one's life, is clear violation of article 21.
Some other arguments can be given--
like if after completion of the procedure, UPSC declare the answerkey, and then if some one filed a case in court and Court agree that UPSC was wrong in its's answer, and if by considering that question, suppose he/she was clearing the PT, then who and how will UPSC compensate the lost valuable time?
So it seems a Good reason in to avoid/prevent such scenarios in first place then trying to mitigate the bad impact of it afterwards.

Come on Guys, Do something, RTI, Parliamentary question or PIL Or directly approach to SC to save your fundamental right.

UPSC have given very very weak argument in Mrunal's case, that i am sure will not stand against a good lawyer.
"Like main argument is, filing a court suit with wrong intention to halt or delay the process"
are we can always give our pledge not to do so with 10rs court stamp. or something like that.

उठो, जागो, और तब तक मत रुको जब तक UPSC अपनी मनमानी बंद न करे।

RTI Application - Copy.doc
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