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IAS prep in Kolkata

if anyone is preparing from kolkata please state how are they preparing. the coaching they joined, study material etc


  • Study materials are very hard to find in Kolkata. Even Yojana magazine is elusive. You better order notes/books from flavido or any other mukherjee nagar xerox shops. They normally deliver notes with delivery charges. you can get ncert books from college st at premium prices.
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  • I attended coaching in Delhi, but came to Calcutta two months before pre. I explored some of the coaching centres here, but they were nowhere near the standard of the Delhi institutes. Even material is difficult to find.
    I'd suggest you order material from Flavido/use online sources and join an online test series of one of the reputed institutes.
  • Never join coaching in kolkata. All the coachings are worthless. You hv to do self study in kolkata.
    Tou can get ncert from the ncert depot in sodepur. The address is printed in every ncert book.
    You can get notes from bharat or kumar book store. If you want their number, message me.
  • feluda, give me sodepur address and number
    and is there any whatsapp group,please add me
  • open any ncert book or pdf. in first or second page the depot addresses of all the ncert offices are there. you can find it from there.

    i dont know any group.
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    Just copy paste this link on YouTube or simply type WAY2IAS to access all the videos
    You can subscribe to this channel prepared by aspirants who have cleared mains.It will provide you with how to prepare and what to read for UPSC exams without coaching.
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