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Any Topper talk/blog which has ACTUALLY got value-adding advice (GS/Essay Only)

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Hi All,
Every year after the results we are flooded with toppers' strategy talks. May be I have been looking at wrong places but invariably most of these end up without giving any actual gyaan.
For example,
1. Essay has been one killer for me and many aspirants. But there seems to be no strategy which can land you 120+ scores (I understand that for most of you may have been already able to achieve it with ease, but be sure that there are souls who see drastic reductions in marks or sub-100 scores every year without much clue.
2. GS all papers combined- how to make that transition from 320-350 to 370-400.
3. Ethics paper 4

Request you to direct to any useful videos (with links if the forum allows it).


  • Recently I found a site known as civils360.com when I searched for policies. I think it's good please check dat.
  • Recently I found a site known as civils360.com when I searched for policies. I think it's good please check dat.

    Pushing this thread higher
  • As aspirants we tend to get anything and everything which can help us increase our marks in the exam so the most reliable and often trusted source is the strategy to follow the one which has been followed by the people who made the cut,also as succesful candidates whatever one says tends to get credibility because it helped him/her succeed.
    It is difficult to say what helps you score better because there is lot of subjextivity but according to my limited knowledge some bits which can be helpful are as below:
    *In essay and ethics try to build your thought process substantiated with simple examples which everyone can relate to( from day to day life).
    *In GS try to spread the canvas as wide as possible linking all the fields,no need of explaining in detail every point.
    *If the paper is presented in a neat manner it creates a good first impression which sub conciously affects the marking of the examiner.

    Also try to find your strengths maybe through test series which you can capitalise on and try to build your own appeoach which you feel would help you score better.
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