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[Interview Preparation] B.Tech - Information Techonology Background

Forum Members, please post questions related to IT.


  • Whts difference between it and I.s. e(info SC).??
  • IT related questions
    Impact of H1B visa policy of US on IT industry
    difference in BE& B.Tech
    difference in IT, CS, ICT
    lacunae in IT act
    Aadhar and issues related to Information security
  • 1. IT infrastructure needed to implement a truly cashless economy.

    First Attempt: 2016

    | What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. |

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    Who was the first programmer?
    What is a supercomputer?
    Why are there so many software startups in and around Bangalore?
    Why do some mobile phones get warm while playing games?
    What will happen to computers in next 20 years?
    What is Trojan, virus, malware etc? Difference between them.
    What is Deep web, dark web?
    Difference between IPv4 and IP v6.
    Different OSI layers.

    Some probable questions.
  • Questions related to IT sector
    Ramifications of H1B policy on Indian IT sector
    Corporate governance in general and IT sector in particular(TCS & Infosys controversy )
    Budget and IT related initiatives (CERT for financial sector, DiGiGaon etc)
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