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about my future course

I'm studying in plus two.I want to take degree after it.Can you suggest a best course for degree to achieve ias?


  • kasam se itni dedication kabhi nahi dekhi :o

    you should rather choose degree according to field of your choice, your question is based on assumption that surely become ias. But with so many uncertainties in exam, best course of action is to choose graduation is a field of your choice so that you would have back up plan ready. In any case optionals are going to be removed in furture so dont think like you are thinking right now
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    @""Sarin S Pillai"
    I hope you are being honest to post this query because if you are not, forget you will ever make it. Honesty is the first step.

    Now regarding your UPSC aim.
    Focus entirely on your College entrance exams. Do not get carried away by the likes of this year's female topper that you should start preparing for UPSC from your first year of college itself.
    It is good that you have a spark for becoming a Civil Servant but take it step by step. It may even happen that you will not like becoming one(a civil servant) after few years and if you will not focus on the present(right now College entrances and later your college yearly/semester exams) you will end up wasting some precious years of your life.
    Wherever you are just focus on college entrances, work as hard as you can. If you are feel lazy or not able to understand concepts in one go, dont give up! Fight hard!
    Once you enter College, focus on becoming the best in your Department. Once you start becoming good at studying and getting marks in your respective Department/Stream/Class you have done half the work. So develop the attitude of Competition, compete with the smartest student in your class, right now and repeat the same in you college.

    You must take up a Job and explore some world on your own.

    Take it slow, you have a lot of years with you. Try to learn as much as you can, stay true to yourself. Read books and make good friends, those who have a good attitude towards studies and career.

    All the best!

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