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Discussion : IFoS 2017

Anyone with forestry optional? Any senior member with valuable information about IFoS exam?


  • Seniors are tense enough to gnaw their nails down to their knuckles, results being right ahead.
    This should keep you busy till they get some closure

    I'm in if you are in, but I am a working feller and can't have a flexible schedule.

  • How is statisitcs as a optional for IFOS
  • Thanks it's help me a lot Sir :) @sylvian_10 please participate in discussion
  • I have no idea about statistics optional
  • m007 said:

    I have no idea about statistics optional

    And chemistry :mrgreen:
  • Chemistry :D apne naam bhul jate hai inshan padhte padhte :D ;)
  • Sir...haha. I am yet to take the exams.

  • :) Please participate in the discussion regular basis. My first optional is chemistry n second one is forestry. For forestry related queries I jst go through Rishav Gupta's Blog.its helpful :)
  • @m007 Sir please tell how to prepare for IFoS interview. Sir I am really scared now. Thanks :mrgreen:
  • Anyways bhailog tum abhise tayyari kar rahe ho toh... don't solely rely on M&P for forestry. Ache se karo aur lead le lo. Given the schedule of exam this time. Competition bahut hi ghatak hone wala hai. :mrgreen:
    Please God save me from this competition and give me any of the AIS. :#
  • @kaguya Sir?? I am a beginner. App ko toh sab kuch pata hai :) app toh main exam de chuke ho
  • first optional mech second optional statistics
  • first optional mech second optional statistics

    Bhai cse m toh med sc tha na tumhara ?
  • @kaguya app hum sab ko thoda guide kar finite
  • Sry guide kar dijiye @kaguya Sir
  • m007 said:

    Sry guide kar dijiye @kaguya Sir

    Bhai m toh kya hi batau... Rishav Sir ne ache se bataya hai... Maine bhi wo hi padha tha... baaki IMS toppers ke videos hai youtube pe.. wo dekh lo.. Mere final list m aate hi m guide kar dunga.. abhi toh khud hi nahi pata na.. what works and what doesn't. :mrgreen:
  • Sab achha hoga Sir
  • @kaguya sir we are waiting for your success story. Selection k baad hum sab ko bhul naa Jana .
  • m007 said:

    @kaguya sir we are waiting for your success story. Selection k baad hum sab ko bhul naa Jana .

    Ji sir. Bilkul yaad rakenge. B)
  • @m007 Hehehe app dil pe mat lo. kaguya bhai aur ifos gang ka feel hi yahi hai. Mazak mazak mein gyan sahi dete hain sab.

    Not tagging senior bhratas aur bhaginis till their results come out.

    Aap ek schedule banao kaunse din, what to cover. From M&P for the time being. To google docs ke spreadsheet pe schedule, days and topic eh? I will assist you once this weekend is over. Chalega?

    Aaap break lo, chutti enjoy karo. Happy New Year!

    Universe krupa kare sab ko apna apna AIS mile, aur hame guidance. And materials huhuhu

  • Well said @sylvian_10 mein dill pe nehi le rehi hoon. take your time jab app ko time mile toh baata Dena. My mother tongue is not hindi but I love this language toh koi galti hai toh maaf kar Dena :)
  • Arre Bhai log baar baar ye Sir kyun? @m007 koi ladka hai kaise app log assume kar liye ladki bhi toh ho Sakti hai
  • @m007 sorry ma'am. :)
    Forum pe ye trend hai actually :#
  • @sylvian_10 bhai I remember tumne koi drive links share kiye the forestry notes ke.
    Bhai usme kuch topics bahut concise te,... interview revision ke liye ache hai... bhai kaha milega wo link :#
  • @kaguya Sir forestry optional preparation k Jo discussion hai usme kuch link share kiye the sylvian_10 sir ne yehi mujhe pata hai aap ekbaar dekhlijiye
  • @m007 Hindi isn't mine as well. People at the work place make fun of my accent, so to improve I try to use as much as I can. Writing is fine, but, my speaking is horrible. Even I don't understand what comes out of my mouth.

  • m007 said:

    @kaguya Sir forestry optional preparation k Jo discussion hai usme kuch link share kiye the sylvian_10 sir ne yehi mujhe pata hai aap ekbaar dekhlijiye

    Thanks ma'am and sir respectively :D
  • @m007

    You should be able to download the excel.

    Please fill in the topics from sheet1 to the syllabus tab.

    As for the completion %, type in any number from 0-100 and see the boxes change color. So say you wanted to begin sylv on 3rd, but finished only 50% and then finished on 10th. Type 0, 50 and 100, that will help you track and visualize your progress. Make a copy and use it for your chem and prelim prep, its too much for forestry ^_^

  • Friends,

    You need to answer few questions to yourself first :::

    1. How much sure you are about getting 140+ in common screening exam? I'm saying 140 because if you get in range of 130 you will not be sure about final call for IFoS mains. Anyway, this year you wont read between screening and Civils mains.

    This question becomes critical, as this will decide your use of upcoming months. As this year screening is early, you have hardly time till Feb/March to study one optional if you so want.

    2. This year IFoS mains is afterwards.So if you have one optional common in both the civils and forests, remaining 3 week should be sufficient to mug up additional optional. I dont think there is much difference in marks you can pull off just be reading Forestry before/earlier. As in the interim period of 3 months before screening, you will (mostly) forget all. So only question you need to answer is, is there one optional common between both civils n forests?

    3. All the stress should be on screening. It is not easy to score there. You should try all steps under the sky for that.

    4. Are you working? If yes, please only concentrate on screening. A mere reading before March of other optional like forestry is advisable.

    5. Competition is also from Zoology+Botany or Botany+Forestry or Animal Husbandry+Botany and most important Maths+Forestry students.

    6. Geology only serves the purpose of getting a call for interview. It is hard to convert with that, especially if you don't have geology background. Next year with IFS mains afterwards, geology will loose its shine even more. It got butchered this year already with tough questions. There is also a risk of geology questions being funked in interviews. Avoid Geology if its not your background. Take Chemistry instead. Most of you are IITians, you would easily understand Chemistry.

    7. Geography in Civils and Geology in Forests wont be effective this year, is high likelihood.

    So my overall advise would be a reading of forestry before March and thats it. Try your soul and heart in screening preparation. Rest would follow.

    Regards and happy new year.

    Note: views are personal, and there is no intention to invite debate.
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