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Writing this post to share the various unethical ways being adopted to fool innocent candidates

Writing this post to share the various unethical ways being adopted to fool innocent candidates specially the freshers who have just entered this 'game':The Games People Play

  • -First there are many who create fake ids,ghost marks,ghost toppers profiles and fool innocent candidates,sucking their precious hard earned money towards programs and courses that no body knows when one ends and another new one begins.Kindly don't fall for them.

  • -Second there are multiple ids by the same person,organization..some ids build/mobilize popularity,support to draw attention of candidates and fetch huge amounts of money from them.......the so called game of business and marketing..much needed ethics paper syllabus id will enquire about xyz coaching..sir/madam/so called senior or expert teacher...other id will give fake reviews...other id will further build and mobilize support....doing name-dropping and critical information dropping of keywords..contacts etc..sub-liminal persuasion and influence at it's best! reality all ids are related with the same person/organization/it's agents...innocent people kindly don't fall for such cheap tactics.

  • -Though some cost sharing people are genuine,many are fake,they simply disappear after taking your money.Kindly,before paying get to see a few mocks,sample material before paying..and then decide at your own any case,do not pay huge amount..any amount that hurts psychologically and financially big should not be paid.Some cost sharing prices are sensational as pointed out by mods.In my opinion,there are both fakes and genuine people involved.Genuine people are able to offer such cost sharing at very low prices because they might be over-selling/and/or not finding market to sell their product they have already bought alone by paying the full amount and are now desperate to recover whatever amount they can by selling at very low prices to whosoever they can.Trust and differentiate between the two at your own risk.


  • -then bogus people/organizations...what they'll do is that in some of their content publicly viewable they will pre-date them..the content seem to give direct factual and bang-on information on what was being asked in latest mains/prelims etc...many innocent aspirants either do not notice the date and even if they notice the to realise the pre-dating trick..the content was written after seeing mains/prelims papers..then predated to give the mirage as if they every thing came from their content/program/course....further there is 'spray and pray' technique..simply give so much diffused information...that it is impossible to study them...if anything even remotely or tangentially,indirectly comes...emphasize that aspects and highlight that........please be aware of such tactics.....
    jago grahak jago!....differentiate between who is genuine and who is bogus...and the spread the word so that some ethics can be restored into the unfortunate and sad my opinion,it's not bad to use techniques for marketing/business expansion/gaining popularity/advertisement etc..even someone's 'cheap trick' is someone else's 'good business acumen'...there is a very fine dividing line between ethical and unethical for me...the moment one begins to lie for personal profit,the line is my opinion. Thanks all, Brickbats are as welcome as roses,...brickbats would come even if I don't want there is no point of welcoming or unwelcoming them:) And also I am no saint,beware of me too!:)There is no free dinner in this world.....and if it is free,it is not dinner:)...may the almighty keep mine and other's intentions noble and ethical.
  • Pura pada nahi maine par kya kisine Dhokha diya aapko?
    Now It Ends...
  • edited December 2016
    nhi yar,mujhe dhoka dena muskil hi nhi na-mumkin hai :smile:
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