NEW REVISION CLASSES PRE'17 History+ Environment+Govt Schemes

Thank you for your tremendous response, to the revision classes for Prelims 2017being conducted in New Delhi. Based on your requests and suggestions, we have come up with new classes as per below schedule
(1)Art & Culture Revision ( REPEAT ) - May 27th & 28th, (2) Modern History ( REPEAT ) - May 30th (3) Govt Schemes + Allied Issues - May 31st (4) Environment & Ecology - Friday, June 2

Seats fill up in a few hours, and we don't plan any more repeat classes, so register early. Click Here to get more details and register early to avoid inconvenience. All revision classes will be held from 5PM to 8PM.

Which teacher's CLASS NOTES are best/most organised and covers the whole syllabus for SOCIOLOGY OPT?

Seniors and all the aspirants with sociology optional, please help me to decide whose class notes are best for sociology, organised and covers the whole syllabus, most importantly relevant to the subject and for the exam?
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  • Today I wrote mains with Socio .My experience says Blue harlambos should be core of your preparation.
  • Today I wrote mains with Socio .My experience says Blue harlambos should be core of your preparation.

    And what to use for paper 2 ? Haralambos is for paper 1 only right ?
  • Concepts of harlambos are equally relevant for paper 2, but I myself have no complete idea for paper 2 .
  • Orange haralambos plus blue plus mahapatra sir notes.however for paper 2,refer ignou
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    is there a major difference between orange and blue haralambos ??

  • None of the class notes are complete.

    Mahapatra sirs are good for getting a hang of things but are sketchy. You need to make your own notes after going through them.

    Standard books are becoming a must going by the standard of papers.

    Upendra sirs printed notes are a cut paste job. Same for nice IAS notes. The volume of nice IAS notes is huge so I think it covers more topics though I'm yet to go through them in detail.
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