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Essay last moment tips for CSM-2016; Hope you guys avoid the mistakes which I did.....!!!!

edited December 2016 in Essay
Hello folks.... I am already into services...This is mainly for those taking the CSM-2016 exam starting from tomorrow. Without wasting your time i would give just a few tips from my own experience of writing past three mains.
1. Glance through the 4 essay topics asked in last year's English Compulsory Paper as one of the topics in last year's essay paper was from the previous year's English Compulsory Essay topics.
2. Take 5 minutes in choosing the topic, 15 minutes in brainstorming, and 10 minutes in writing the introduction. That makes it 30 minutes. Write the body in 45 minutes and finish the conclusion in 10 minutes. That makes it 85 minutes for first essay.
3. Repeat point 2. above for the second essay.
4. Remember that your knowledge per se doesn't matter but your expression and presentation does.
5. Start one essay with the ancient indian or world history.Bring the linkage to the present. Do 360 degree analysis and conclude on a futuristic optimistic not.
6. Start the second essay with a story or some dramatic event. Do 360 degree analysis here too, but wait...In this essay the conclusion should have some really impressive jargons. It can end with a few lines from poems of Rabindranath Tagore or any other personality...A few daring souls can end this essay with either an exclamatory mark or a question mark......This will force the examiner to think beyond what you have written..This can fetch very high dividends.
7. Coming to body of the essay, always keep in mind the following points:
a.) Pros of the topic
c.)PESTEL- Polity, Economics, Society, Technology, Environment, Legal
d.)Always write both the strengths as well as weaknesses of the topic, even if it is not asked.
e.) Try to write atleast 3-4 quotes each in both the essays in the body itself.( Let me Remind you.....The examiners love those quotes.)
f.) Underline keywords.


  • Mistakes to be avoided
    1. Don't go without taking proper sleep.
    2. If you haven't slept properly, take a strong coffee or take glucose biscuits for instant energy and concentration.
    3. Don't become complacent after writing the first essay to your satisfaction. Mind you....This is the only mistake which I did last year as i relaxed for 5-10 minutes after writing the first essay very well.
    4. Don't focus on writing lengthy essays alone. Focus more on quality. A good score can be fetched by writing even a 650 words essay. On the other hand a 1000 words essay might become too informative and boring for the examiner. So focus on avoiding boredom by making the essay crispy.
    5. Keep ample space for conclusion. Last year i wrote a lot in my second essay without realising that i was ultimately left with only half a page for concluding the essay. I had to use the under-margin too for concluding my essay.
    Finally i would like to wish everyone all the very best. Remember the verses of Bhagwad Gita that you have control only over your Karma and not on the Result. So just go to the examination hall with a totally unattached frame of mind and just enjoy the beautiful process of these 5 days to get Moksha from the cycle of this exam. :wink:
  • Thanks :)
  • Impact of politics on society
    E-commerce: a win-win situation for all.
    Harassment of women at workplaces
    Does the Indian cinema reflect social reality?

    These are the topics of last year compulsory paper.
  • @Kisaan Welcome :) , If my tips can be of help to even one person then the whole writing this thread process would be worth the effort. :)
  • They will help.
    Thanks for that, @doc.ips08 :)
    Prelims: 4. Mains: 2*. Interview: 1. Rank: NA.
    Literature of English Language.
    "Only through time time is conquered."
  • Does anyone have some keywords tat could be used universally in essays ?
    correct me ,if i am wrong ! i would be happy to accept my mistakes !
  • @doc.ips08 It was a great help indeed.
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