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Prelims 2017 Test Series - History L 1 T 2 Results - Ranklist

Hi All,

PFA rank list of all candidates who wrote the History L1 T2 last week.

ForumIAS Prelims 2017 Test Series - History L 1 T 2 Result

Few things to note down
  1. Try getting at least under 300 ranks. Consistently.
  2. Work on your mistakes and revise chapters/topics from which questions have been asked
  3. Compete with your peers if you have joined in groups. Healthy competition is good to improve scores.
  4. While marks don't count, it is always better to be on the positive side of it.
  5. Classroom Students must try to be among top 5 amongst the class.
  6. There is one full year time for Prelims. If you consistently do well, Prelims 2017 will not be a problem for you. Last year out of 30 odd people who regularly wrote Tests in the classroom - last 2 months ( and not merely signed up and didn't give tests ) only 2 students did not make it. So writing Tests with all honesty helps.
  7. If you are in ORN/Delhi, please write the Test in classroom mode. That is why you came to ORN / Delhi for. It replicates the exam environment , and there is no substitute for it. You only pay about 3500 extra for it for 10 months. That is less than the AC bill, rent and paper printing cost incurred in providing this facility. We want you to succeed , and we know the difference between writing it online and classroom mode. You always have the option of writing it online if you feel lazy.
  8. Some people may not see ranks in the Test Portal after writing Tests. Ranks will be updated every day at 10PM. Currently, ranks are not updated automatically after your write the Test. We are working on it.
For any clarification please email

To enroll, click below. The Test Plan is flexible and you can write Tests anytime after the Test is released. You will get ranks too. It will be visible in the Test Portal
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