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IN hospital, fighting an unknown infection,sure to ruin the Mains..

Just got hold of the phone,as my father has fallen asleep..No hospital staff to interfere ..else they would have taken the ph. Away.

Past 4 days, they have done a lot of tests..calling it some rare infection..rather suspecting ..fever as it is..i feel like crying .my last mains over..

I dunno wat 2 do.


  • Not even able to recal my old ac. Created dis .
  • if you studied well till now, no need to worry. Take this time as break from study. 4 saal ki mehnat 4 din me waste nh ho skti.
  • edited November 2016
    @Padmavati_Chaurasia ..... hey why u r so afraid ...u have infection .... even if u willl be in that stage to go for exam ...it will be suffice for u ...u will get that ......... n pray to god .....u be better before mains ... it happens in life ..... its not ur faullt ..... i will pray to god on my part for u ..get well soon ...and have courage for now .... that will be your mains ....
  • May God bless you.
  • yupp can understand last days revisions..... but yaar ...its not above yourself and life ..... mains are nothing .... can understand your last attempt too ...but if u will afraid like hell that u wil die with this infection .. so who will write mains ....ave be optimistic .... full 9 days to go .... u wll be okay .... but if u will be scared like that so what can u do even after writing mains ...... tab bhi to barbad hi hai mains .... so have courage dear .... if u r theist ..... so take name of god 4 ur health ..... :'(
  • edited November 2016
    she gone ...might be some medical personnel came and took away her phone ..... chalo yaar good luck n get well soon
  • I m feelin 2 alone. I wish i cud talk 2 some 1 amngst u ..over the ph..i feel 2 weak
  • I m feelin 2 alone. I wish i cud talk 2 some 1 amngst u ..over the ph..i feel 2 weak

    ohhh yaar ii can tak to u .... m writing but have not studied for mains very seriously n this is my first mains too ... .... thats why ... yaar normal baat kar sakta hoon ye sab padhai likhaai waali nhi ...sorry .... i also got my mood off .... as i was also going to sleep but saw ur comment but sorry for just now study related .... hope u will get some one in ur inbox .... otherwise m here .... ...
  • edited November 2016
    haan to LAAL BHAI
    1 bottle peene ke baad yhi sab karunga ..... ye sab chochori harkaten ..... yaar aa bhai tum rehan do ..in sab baato se aap bhi uth jaoooo ..... ye sab karke aap bhi UPSC nhi nikaal doge bro ... tum mere se jyaada khaali ho ...... even every visitor or spectator will know after reading my comments ....... aur ye sab karne nhi aata yaha .....

    PS ....daaru peeta hoon ..tabhi aata hoon ..normal kabhi log in maara tha forum ko but ab nashe mai hi maarta hoon .....maine to mains ke thread nhi khole aaj tak ..... jaroorat nhi hai mujhe ....... tum yhi sab karte raho ...... 6 kya 7 saal bhi lage rahoge kabh9i nhi kar paaoge ..mere se bad duan mat lo bhai ...... diljalaa hoon ..... agar mere tak hi hai to tumhaara UPSC g**nd mai badaa dunga ..does not matter who u r ..... !!!!
  • edited November 2016
    saala itna ghatiya mazaak ...saale ko kal hospital mai bhi jagah naa mile ...... chalo mil jaaye saale ko pata to chalega mazak karna kya hota hai chutiya gaandu saala..... BC issko shaql pe thook doon ....saamne ho to .... . saale ki ....unknown identity banke hoshiyar ban rha .......
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