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Is state CM allowed to take part in parliament proceedings ?

Is state CM allowed to take part in parliament proceedings ?


  • Don't know the answer for sure.

    But logically, a state cm is not a member of parliament so definitely cannot vote there if that is what you mean.
    On the other hand if she wants to sit in parliament to witness the proceedings firsthand then,again logically, as the head of government of a state of the Union of India, she cannot be denied.

    Anyone with certain information may please clarify.
  • ksc said:

    Is state CM allowed to take part in parliament proceedings ?

    Constitutionally, no.
  • He can sit in visitors gallery with popcorn
  • win_2017 said:

    He can sit in visitors gallery with popcorn

    Nice :)
  • edited November 2016
    Few related points:
    Other than presiding officer who can addresses one or both houses of Indian Parliament?
    President of India,
    Invited Head of the state of foreign countries.
    Other than MPs who can take part in parliamentary proceedings (without voting)?
    only Attorney General.
    + if any non-member newly appointed as a minister/PM (max for 6 months).
    (CAG only assists PAC)
    Only non-member with opportunity to vote in Parliament?
    Vice President (casting vote as Chairman of RS)

    (President, Vice President - Rt to appear/represent during impeachment proceedings)

    All others can only witness the Parliamentary proceedings as visitors. Different visitors galleries are available for them.
    Eg. for CM seat can be allocated in Distinguished visitors gallery.
  • Thanks...
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