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When sure to fail, what should be the MINIMUM approach?

Been almost 3 weeks that I have been down first with typhoid and then by an apparant pneumonia. Medication will continue for at least one more week. I am able to do only straight-forward things such as reading a few pages each day from the book for optional, and read a few pages of lexicon for ethics book. Prior to illness I had been following Hindu and online articles (without note-making) and made a few soft-notes for some staic content of GS3.

Current status is -
1. I am not reading newspaper. Occasionally I browse the news websites.
2. Optional Status (History): First reading done for ancient and modern; medieval's first reading should be over in 4-5 days at current pace. World's some portions I did in may but it was almost bogus reading. I have almost superficial knowledge as of now for optional.
3. Wrote one essay and attempted 2-3 answers for GS based questions just after prelims.

At such level of preparation and with the forward outlook, realistically speaking there is nil chance to sit for interview. Then what should be the minimum I should do in this attempt? Its my first mains and second attempt. I understand many of you would be busy in your prepartions, but I will really appreciate your spending a few minutes to advise - whenever you get some time.

Thanks in advance and all the best.
इस बात पर मुझे हँसना चाहिए।

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