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Module wise coaching for GS in Delhi

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Hi friends,
Could anybody please suggest some good teachers in delhi who schedule batch for their respective modules for general studies mains (with reference to 2014 mains). Please suggest their name, location and respective GS portion. It will really help.


  • ALOK Ranjan sir takes geography module in mukharjee nagar and Karol Bagh .
    , dont have much info abt others.
  • @Sanket Thanks a lot
  • i am also thinking of joining module wise
    history at baliyan
    economy at ramesh singh
    but there is no good teacher for gs paper 2
  • Kindly suggest good faculty for GS Paper- 4
  • @aspirantno7 @Doon_20 @sanket002 @iStartNow

    Somebody please suggest a good faculty for GS paper 2 (governance,polity, IR ) .
    Till now , i have shortlisted
    Baliyan's Insight IAS academy for History,
    Alok Ranjan's academy for geography
    Ramesh singh's civilsindia for economy (infact , he is covering complete GS paper 3)

    Also, can anybody give me contact no. of Shabbir sir's academy (if he has one ) or he teaches at vajiram only ?
    Please reply asap.
    CSM 2014 - I attempt -failed in mains

  • AFAIK , Shabbir sir teaches at Vajiram only.
    Regarding your first question, even I don't have idea abt it.
  • can anyone tell me whre is d kumar's economics institute
  • can anyone tell me where is d kumar's ias acadamy for ecomics for GS
  • In mukherjee nagar. But it's not good. Rest up to you
  • @Nadaan_bachha bro can u share alok ranjan's he good for geography module?
  • Grappling with the same conundrum. :/
    I had planned to join Ethics classes of Sk Mishra Sir, but his unexpected demise has left me in a lurch. Any other decent alternative? Do suggest if you know one.

  • @The_DarkKnight_Rises even i planned so...i heard mohanty from synergy is good..even pavan sir is also good..i am planning to join mohanty after august..
  • Yea, I have heard about Mohanty Sir. Let me know if you have details on him, as in where he takes classes and course structure and fees etc.? I don't think Synergy runs as such any separate module so he must be running an independent institute. @rkr06
  • I called synergy office they told he takes module coaching and fees is 15.5k..and pavan sir charges 18k..synergy is in mukherjee nagar so i will join that..but heard mishra sir was better..i will take 1 demo class u know about puri, alok ranjan and ramesh singh classes..r they good for module coaching?i dont want to join a full time coachin for gs.
  • don't consider joining Alok Ranjan and Ramesh Singh..if you have any doubt regarding them, message me.
  • edited July 2015
    Good module for economics??? Except ramesh Singh sir???
  • don't consider joining Alok Ranjan and Ramesh Singh..if you have any doubt regarding them, message me.
    why not ramesh sing
  • Did Ramesh singh's classes last year..absolute waste of time..he just repeats his book like a parrot..its 100 times better to watch Mrunal's videos on economy
  • I have done module wise coaching and I have found some good teachers that teach in modules.

    For Geography, Environment and Ecology Disaster Management- Sharad mani Thakur Sir He is a very good teacher for Geography, you will be able to understand and solve questions of UPSC after the classes and infact He solves the previous years in class itself. Very comfortably teaching with charts and diagrams etc. He is more like an UPSC teacher itlsef.
    Both optional and GS. He has no advertising mechanism or formal system. Announces his classes on his facebook account and you can ask him any query on his fb also. You can see him here

    History Arts and Culture and Social Issues- S. Baliyan Insights IAS Academy. He is a good teacher for History He gives all the points in a topic, Classes are more of writing. He first teaches a topic on board and then gives notes. Not the best but it is sufficient for UPSC. This is their website. They too have History optional classes.

    Polity IR Internal Security- M Puri's IAS. M Puri Sir takes Polity Section and Sameer Siddiqi Sir Takes rest of the portion. Both teachers are good. No waste of time in classes in unneccessary political discussions, to the point discussions relevant points that are to be given for and against and conclusions.

    For Economy- No one suggested Teacher for this and I havent joined any module too Everyone suggested Mrunal on Youtube. Although if you want to join you can join Kalinga Ias Abani Sir. My friends took coaching from there and they said that they were satisfied. Some friends joined in Mpuris Ias too for economy, There is Ayush Agarwal Sir. People were saying him to be good also. So I didnt join any for economy but someone if He/ wants to join they can take trials here and see for themsleves.

    Kalinga Ias:<near>-Near-Axis-Bank-Old-Rajendra-Nagar-Market-Near-Karol-Bagh-Metro-Station-Old-Rajender-Nagar/011PXX11-XX11-100507115540-G3Y8_BZDET

    Essay- Arun Kumar Sir in Beautiful Mind Institute

    Ethics- I right now am seeing myself. Later on after Prelims I will see if Need to join.

    Optionals- My Optional in Geography Taking Coaching from Sharad Sir only. He focuses on Answer Writing and Mainly on SCORING in OPTIONALS nd not just finishing the syllabus.

    I chose Geography because it covers a lot of marks in mains too (Like GS1Geography then GS3 Environment, Disaster Management, Some portion of Economy too Like Industry Agriculture etc. Then from Human Geography Most probably there is one Essay too and if not it will still help in reading Economic Survey and India Year book because Sections like Industry and Agriculture are already covered in Agriculture and Industrial Geography which are there in ES and IYB) So a lot of GS Portion is covered.
  • No need to go for module wise. You will find problem in scheduling the classes. It's better to go for complete package.
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