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What is the difference between Transform Fault and Transcurrent Fault ?

What is the difference between Transform Fault and Transcurrent Fault ?
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  • ek baar cross check kar lena .jyada detail me nahi pata,but writing what i remebr.

    1.both are strike slip faults.
    2.maine difference ke liye mnemonics use kiya hai-

    transform ka matlab total change.iska matlab wo strike slip fault jo ek point ke baad jakar puri tarah transform ho jata hai in some other morphological feature.iska matlab it has some fixed boundary where it TRANSFORMS.

    transcurrent se dekho water current in sea...uska koi end nahi hota hai.it goes on diminishing gradually with time and distance.means it does not have any fixed boundary but diminishes gradually.so its fault without any fixed boundary.

    isse jyada padha bhi hoga to yaad nahi hai. :)
    In Love With My Life Claudia Sampedro !
  • What is the difference between Transform Fault and Transcurrent Fault ?

    I guess transform fault are faults where the two plates move along each other across the whole boundary
    Whereas in transcurrent, the movement is larger in the middle and diminishes as we go outwards and becomes zero later on.
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