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Test series: scores/discussions/doubts for prelims 2017

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This thread is being created for discussing questions of test series. It doesn't matter which test series you join: forum, insights, iasbaba, vision etc. Just post good questions from any test series you follow for purpose of discussion if you feel weaknesses in that particular kind of question. This will help you understand that doubts/relevant syllabus more deeply and improve that portion.

You can also post your scores regularly to keep a track of improvements in your performance by identifying your weaknesses along with other members. Please keep the thread relevant by avoiding any un-neccessary conversations and maintain your focus on test series whichever you're following and sharing some of good questions in it with others. Everyone will be benefitted by it.

Also, please refrain from sharing papers of test series which is prohibited by Forumias so as to protect the thread from getting banned.

This thread is just meant for keeping you disciplined for regularly practising tests, discussing doubts and scores and improving your performance.

So, keep practising and learning... :)

GRAPHENE v 2.0....


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We are a secret self-moderated community for Civil Services preparation. Feel free to join, start a discussion, answer a question or just to say Thank you.

Just dont spread the word ;)

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