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Notes for IFoS of Geology and Forestry optional

edited September 2015 in Geography & Geology
Which coaching notes are good for the above mentioned optional?
Where can i find the notes for the same?
Thanks in Advance !!


  • No body having any suggestions??
  • Searching for the same. Materials or book lists will help.
    2013 - Indian Forest Service

    2016 - In the battle!
  • indian forestry:a break through approach..check the syllabus,book penned by an officer
  • @quatru
    If you can please provide the link for the same.
    Thank you !!
  • kindly guide me any coaching for forestry n geology , n do they run crash course also??
    or how to finish these two bulky optional in such short span of time along with civil service mains subjects?
  • @all
    ive shared some geology notes of last year's topper in folder4ias.
  • @Eric
    Thanks i saw it ..It is really very helpful.
    Anybody having any idea how to deal with forestry??
  • @quatru
    Thanks for the link ..
    The book as it appears covers most part of the syllabus and will be very helpful.
    Thanks once again. :)
  • this is the book list by Tushar Chavan (All India Rank 12 IFoS 2012)
    Optional :- Forestry
    Main Books
    1. Handbook of Forestry part I & II by Khanna and Chaturvedi (for basic understanding)
    2. Indian Forestry by K.Manikandan & S. Prabhu ( mug up each and every line in the book )
    3. IFS Forestry by Surendra Kumar (for supplementary reading not for answer writing)

    Detail Books
    i) Principle and Practices of Silviculture by L S Khanna
    ii) Theory and Practices of Silvicultural System by Ram Prakash and L S Khanna
    iii) Ecology and Environment by P D Sharma
    iv) Text book for Agroforestry by Chundawat Singh
    v) Forest tree Breeding - ICAR Publication (out of print so obtain old edition)
    vi) Forest Management by Ram Prakash
    vii) Forest Mensuration by Chaturvedi and Khanna
    viii) Handbook of Forest utilization by Tribhowan & Mehta
    ix) Forest Policy and Law by A.N. Chaturvedi
    x) Forest Protection by Khanna
    xi) Forest Surveying by Ramprakash
    xii) Forest Engineering by S.S. Negi
    xiii) An introduction to Forest Pathology by S.S.Negi
    xiv) Hand book of Social Forestry by S.S.Negi

    hope it helps
    Indian Forest Service 2016
    pre= 2, mains= 0, interview= 0.
  • @Eric
    I tried to find out the geology notes but could not find....can you please share geology notes here....

  • yes, can anyone please provide any strategy or notes or book-list for geology. Thanks!
  • can anybdy provide any pdf material for geology optional??? i dnt hve any books and dunno whch one to refer to
    Congratulations to all those who cleared CSE 2014....!!
  • Can anyone please tell the book list or master book for geology for ifos
    Would be extremely greatful
  • for forestry - indian forestry - a break through approach to indian forestry by Manikandan
    geology- text book of geology- PK Mukherjee
  • Geology-principles of engg. Geology by KM Bangar, text book of geology by GB Mahapatra.these r two basics book of geology.
  • Hi, I m interested to make a study group for geology.Each one of us will be studying two units into depth n then sharing notes n discussing about the subject.I m trying to make a strategy for this subject.plz opine.
  • We just needed at least six candidates n if twelve r there the best can b done.ur response is awaited.
  • Let's start Ahmad....
  • I am ok with it bro,
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