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Law optioal books

Can anyone kindly tell me the good books for law optional of all subject.?


  • For the time being i have come down to
    pandey for constitution
    bangia for torts and contract
    pillai for ipc
  • edited September 2016
    There really isn't much variety to choose from or scope for debate about good books, since it's advisable to refer to well known standard text books, a list of which can be found on the relevant blogs of people who cleared UPSC with law optional. Google for Abdal Akhtar, Munish Sharma, Ashutosh Salil etc and their book lists.

    The important choices in my opinion comes down to choosing between MP Jain, V N Shukla and J N Pandey (some people swear by it, I personally haven't read it) for Constitutional law and between Malcolm Shaw and Starke ( S K Kapoor is sort of mandatory as a necessary Indian book) for international law.
    Books used by people for the rest of the papers are almost universally the same.
    Hope this helps.
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