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Difference between Nyaya Panchayat and Gram Nyayalaya- Can someone enlighten please?

Pub ad, polity guyz can you please shed light on the nature of Nyaya panchayat and Gram Nyalaya, what is the difference and what is the legal status of each. Thanks in Advance


  • The most basic difference as far as I know is,

    Gram Nyalaya are forms of alternative justice delivery mechanism and derive their powers from Gram Nyalaya Act 2008.

    Whereas Nyay Panchayats were established under the provisions of 73rd CAA. Unlike Gram Nyalaya, they solve petty case through mediation. They cannot be called as judicial pronouncment
    Ahista chal ae jindagi abhi, kai karz chukana baki hai.
  • nyaya panchayat is a group of 3 to 4 villages where village ppl themselves solve their issues. village elders play imp role in the process. nyaya panchayats r established under state laws. for all practical purpose they r defunct bodies. no judicial officer no civil criminal power just arbitration bodies.
    gram nyayalya. under central law mobile courts at mandal panchayat level or for a group of villages. have criminal and civil laws power judicial officers will be there
  • Gram nyayalayas

    1.Vests power under gram nyayalaya act,2008
    2.chaired by nyayadhikari
    3.criminal offences are to be tried under code of criminal procedure,While in civil cases it can follow special procedures
    4.estqblished by state government in consultation with the high court

    Nyaya Panchayat
    1. Panchayats working since ages in India,so social recognition
    2. Presided by local elders,respectable persons
    3. Didn't follow any procedural code, works on the principle of natural justice.
    4.established by the people in general

    1.both works at grassroot level , either in a village or a group of villages

    2.both can be considered as a flop show in India,while nyaya Panchayat is still to be given legal recognition,gram nyayalayas on the other hand are very few in number despite having legal recognition
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