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[Essay] My idea of India : 1250 words


  • As I grew up I was given an idea that India is the greatest country in the world, thats because we have rich culture, rich traditions.

    That idea has gone through many changes since then, mainly through book readings, personal experience or what I see in this county on a day to day basis.

    My idea of India:

    A great culture: IVC to Mauryan to Gupta, Vedas etc

    Counter point: caste system which I am not very proud of.Blind believe in superstitions, controversial scriptures,

    A great nation: diversity, largest democracy, secularism

    counter point: pseudo secularism, riots, sectarian division,criminalisation of politics.. Where is the democracy?

    An advancing India: Technical revolution, ISRO our pride,Software industry, one of largest growing economy.

    Counter point: rural-urban gap, poverty, hunger, malnutrition.R

    Equal India: article 17, article 25, article 15...Constitutional mandates to provide equality across caste, gender

    Counter: rape capital, prejudiced India

    My India: what I want
    -Castefree( too utopian)
    - No gender crime( certainly achievable)
    - more tolerant, more accommodative, less communal
    - more scientific

    Some central ideas.many more to add.
    The angels are lost in perpetual contemplation of an infinite glory.
  • Hi ,

    can we write essay in personified manner.
    Like essay on Indian democracy and you start like I am India and so on ..
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